Satirical Sample Essay

One of the most widely used illegal drugs in America is Marijuana. Over 30 % of Americans over the age of 13 have used this atrocious drug and half of all young person under the age of 18 have smoked marihuanas. Aside from the fact that smoking “a doobie” likely won’t cause painful ( or painless. for that affair ) decease to its users. it is frequently the taking cause of a few high school dropouts. mild indolence. kiping in school. partying. holding merriment. kiping in beds at dark. and moving wholly normal and socially acceptable in their day-to-day lives. It is sufficient to state that marijuana usage among bush leagues is really unsafe to America. I am suggesting a solution to the job of marihuana usage. In order to halt person from making one thing. you must show them with another pick.

This other pick will be cost effectual and good to our society. This modest proposal is: free authorities press releases of baccy merchandises to bush leagues. This new plan. which is to be made compulsory under jurisprudence in all 50 provinces. will rapidly and perfectly work out our jobs. A baccy distribution base will be built in forepart of the chief entryway of every public school. Cigarettes will be handed out. free of charge. and no record will be taken of the consumer. Once person under the age of 18 spends a bulk of their twenty-four hours smoking baccy. they won’t have clip to smoke “kush” any longer.

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