Save the Environment! Essay

“TREE PLANTATON” – most normally used word. These words don’t merely intend originating love for nature all of a sudden merely on 5th June ( World Environment Day ) merely like every Indian experiences nationalism on 15th August or 26th January” .

Sometimes while go toing such “TREE PLANTATION” events we may experience like salvaging nature and works many workss that fine twenty-four hours. But. what about those workss after the event gets over?

We forget about those deep-rooted workss shortly after the event is over. Weather those workss will turn to trees or non is no more our concern. That does non at all average tree plantation in existent sense.

Now a yearss we may easy happen an under building sight environing us. But have you seen an under building tree?

Any client may easy give an order to any builder that he wants this edifice to be completed in 2 or 3 old ages. But have you heard anyone stating or telling other individual about turning a 20 or 25 pess high tree in 2 old ages! ! The reply is NO. Then why non to take attention of those trees which are being cut in greed of building high tech roads?

And this is our event.

Let us believe about “Tree saving along with tree plantation” .

Salvaging a tree surely gives a feeling of salvaging life.

Recently. you may hold heard that in USA word’s longest tower is traveling to be constructed in merely 2 old ages. But I don’t believe it is flooring intelligence because they have high engineering and adult male power and it is possible for them to build such a tower.

Now. if any would state that I can turn world’s tallest free in merely 2 old ages so it would be a lurid intelligence. because building edifice is in custodies
of gay sapiens but turning trees is in custodies of female parent nature and we know that cipher can win against nature.

Media should besides seek to make consciousness about continuing trees along with turning. ”

Every individual calls “plant trees” . But really few cry”preserve trees” . In such an ambiance where marks of planetary heating are clearly seeable. we should take attention sing continuing the present nature. It is true that attempts are made to turn more trees but do you believe that you are traveling to populate a life to see that tree turning so it. Tall? ? NO? ? ?

Our undertakings include an eco-friendly development which comprises of gaining money along with prefering our female parent nature. The trees which are cut at building sights are brought to ain undertakings and so we works them and see a great alleviation of continuing a life. Thus we proudly say that we run eco-friendly undertakings!

By and large the adult male of 21st centaury concepts concrete woods by destructing the woods of nature which are grown non constructed Therefore. this idea gave us an thought of showing ain undertaking to people every bit good as nature! !


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