Saving Energy: Biology Essay

* We waste a batch of energy in our life. Sometimes we get energy from the Sun. nutrient. H2O. wind… We waste a batch of money on energy for many grounds. merely for life and working. But sometimes. we don’t have to… In this essay. I will demo you how to continue it and how to salvage money salvaging energy. * A batch of people around the universe attempt to salvage energy. but some people may inquire ‘’HOW? ’’ . Well. there are many ways to be energy efficient. These are some basic suggestions on how to salvage energy:

* Turning off H2O when non needed
* Turning off electricity when non needed
* Use your pess. motorcycle as transit
* Recycle
* Save energy in the kitchen. bathroom…

As you can see. these are really simple ways how to salvage energy. Can you merely conceive of. recycling merely one Coca-Cola bottle can salvage a small spot of energy. Now. there are besides bigger. more efficient ways on salvaging energy. for exp. :

* Solar panels
* Hydro energy
* Wind energy ( wind Millss. air current farms. . )

This is a image demoing where in your house you spend most of your money. Can you think?

And here is a image that shows where an mean school puts their money largely into:

As you can see. we spend most of the money on our warming system. Why can’t we sometimes merely dress warmer? Take a expression at this image:

Make you recognize that many people don’t attention about recycling. salvaging energy? Do you cognize why? It is because they don’t know that by salvaging energy. recycling. we can besides salvage our money. And besides. we don’t use renewable resources every bit much as we should. which is non efficient. because if we don’t. we damage our ambiance. * In my sentiment. everybody should get down salvaging energy and at the same clip take attention of our environment. I guess if I want to salvage energy. I should acquire off my computing machine and get down composing essays by manus.

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