Saving Game Sample Essay

Fred has merely 2 lives.We can’t stab Fred with the paper clips because if we do he will besides decease.

We have to seek to acquire the lifeguard which is under the cup in order to salvage Fred’s life & A ; maintain him from submerging. Once we put the lifeguard on Fred he will be safe but we have to be careful when we’re picking up the lifeguard and Fred with paper clips.
Hypothesis:If we grab Fred with a paper cartridge holder and we move the cup with another cartridge holder we can acquire the lifeguard which is under the cup with another paper cartridge holder and we sort of push Fred in the lifeguard until we got him inside of it wholly!
Procedures:1. Raise Fred with a paper cartridge holder.

2. Move cup off with another paper cartridge holder.3. Raise lifeguard with a paper clip.4. Push Fred in life rescuer utilizing another paper cartridge holder.5. We saved Fred’s life! !

Materials:1 gluey worm1 lifeguard1 fictile cup4 paper cartridge holders


We picked up Fred carefully utilizing one out of the four paper cartridge holders we had. 2. Once we had Fred picked up we tried to travel the cup with another paper clip. 3.

Fred slipped from the paper cartridge holder doing him drown and go forthing him with merely 1 life left. 4. We picked up Fred with the same paper cartridge holder we used earlier. 5. Once we moved the cup it revealed the lifeguard that was underneath it. 6.

We picked up the lifeguard with a paper cartridge holder.
7. We tried to force Fred inside the small hole of the lifeguard. 8. We used 3 cartridge holders. 1 that was raising Fred.

the other one which was raising the lifeguard and the other one we used it to force Fred indoors. 9. We eventually got Fred inside the lifeguard!Decision Questions:1.

What is discovery scientific discipline?Discovery Science is a scientific methodological analysis which emphasizes analysis of big volumes of experimental informations with the end of happening new forms or correlativities. taking to hypothesis formation and other scientific methodological analysiss.

2. What are observations? Qualitive? Quantitive?Quantitative statements inquire you to give things like Numberss height.

weight. or speed etc. Qualitative statements want you to utilize adjectives green. blue. little.

fat etc.3. What is hypothesis based scientific discipline? What are the 5 stairss in this procedure? Explain each one.Hypothesis based scientific discipline is the scientific method manner to inquire and reply scientific inquiries by doing observations and making experiments. The 5 stairss are: 1. Data ( observations ) – analyse your informations to come to a decision. 2. Questions- ask a inquiry.

3. Hypothesis- make an educated conjecture about your inquiry. 4. Prediction ( decisions ) – repeat your inquiry and consequences.

5. Test ( experiment ) – prove your hypothesis and enter your consequences.4. What is the independent ( manipulated ) variable in an experiment? Dependent ( reacting ) variable? Controlled variables? An independent variable is when you change it. A dependent variable are the consequences you get. Controlled variables are influences that could impact the result of an experiment. and so are intentionally controlled so that they do non impact the experimental consequences.

5. Fred is an angleworm. Earthworms belong to the animate being phylum Annelida. What are segmented worms? Annelid are segmented worms that have rings.

6. Why are the of import to the ecosystem? These worms are peculiarly of import because their tunneling through canvas helps air to go around in Ti. which helps workss to turn.7. Describe annelid reproduction. digestion. circulation. elimination.

gas exchange & A ; nervous control:Reproduction – Most segmented worms reproduce sexually. although many species are capable of nonsexual reproduction. Digestion – The digestive system of segmented worms consists of an nonsegmental intestine that runs through the center of the organic structure from the oral cavity. Circulation – Circulation in the angleworm is through a series of closed vass. Excretion – Nephridia are variety meats of elimination in the segmented worms.Summary of the activity:Well fundamentally what we did in this lab was salvage a gluey worm from submerging utilizing merely paper cartridge holders. It may sound hard but it was really truly simple.

We merely had to acquire our lifeguard which is the thing that will salvage Fred from submerging and set it over him like if you were seting fred a shirt on. But we can’t utilize our custodies at all merely the paper cartridge holders. In this lap we besides learned that worm are portion of the animate being phylum called Annelida. We learned what segmented worms were and how their reproduction.

circulation. elimination. gas exchange nervous control work out.

1. What was investigated? How to salvage Fred from submerging. 2. Be the hypothesis supported by the informations? Yes. yes it was. 3.

What were major findings? We found out the manner to salvage Fred from submerging. 4. How did your findings compare with other research workers? Largely everybody’s findings were the same. 5. What possible accounts can you offer your findings? We had to set all the tools we had in usage in order to finish the lab.

6. What recommendations do you hold for farther survey and for bettering the experiment? Easier ways to salvage Fred and how worms reproduce. 7.

What are some possible applications of the experiment?


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