Science Cannot Answer All Questions Sample Essay

Definitions:Theory – A well-substantiated account of some facet of the natural universe ; an organized system of recognized cognition that applies in a assortment of fortunes to explicate a specific set of phenomena. Science – systematic cognition of the physical or material universe gained through observation and experimentation.
Introduction:I stand in steadfast negation of the declaration at manus.

I support this with the following two contentions. All I need to make to turn out my opposition incorrect is to contradict the declaration with one illustration that proves scientific discipline is unable to bring forth an reply to everything.
Science can non reply all inquiries. because there will ever be something unknown and we will do premises based on it. Science is limited to premises. things that can be observed and repeated through test and mistake.

Some things merely can non be explained.Scientists propose theories saying how they think the universe works. This is the best account they could come up with at the clip. so even though they can happen grounds for it. these things alteration.Contention 1:The Big Bang Theory states that the existence was one time really hot and heavy and expanded quickly over clip. We can non state that such a theory is incorrect. but merely state how likely it is.

We can non cognize for certain if the beginning of the existence resulted from a higher being. or even if the existence we live in exists as one of many parallel existences. Science can merely give us information that we must theorize upon.
Contention 2:See Darwin’s Origin of Species. We can non detect animate beings germinate over clip. because the human lifetime is comparatively short compared to Earth. We can take what we discover through dodos and genetic sciences to seek and do sense of these alterations.

Darwin developed a sensible reading from his research. but there is ever traveling to be research that will revise his findings. because we ne’er know if the following experiment with green goods conflicting informations.
Decision:In no manner can we explicate through scientific discipline how the Earth was able to place itself absolutely off from the Sun to back up life. or how random chemical reactions could make so much fluctuation in life.

so that different species can determine themselves to accommodate to the environment alternatively of deceasing off wholly. Too many false beliefs exist within a given account ; we as worlds can non cognize everything. Science is merely unable to explicate it.


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