Science Exhibition Essay

The two yearss Regional Level CBSE Science Exhibition with the subject “Science & A ; Technology for Challenges in Life” was hosted by Essar International School on 16-17th August. The event saw immature enthusiastic participants from different parts of Gujarat and Rajasthan seting up 72 participatory exhibits consisting of advanced working theoretical accounts and probe based undertakings.

The programme was inaugurated by Col. Kannan. a dignitory of Essar Management. He was really impressed by the presentations and congratulated the participants.

The exhibits by the different schools were so oculus openers on assorted subjects related to Green Energy. Innovation in Transport. Communication. Agriculture. Technology. Bio- diverseness. Community Health. Environment & A ; Mathematical Modeling.

With an enterprise to advance scientific attitude among budding immature pupils. this exhibition was one of its sort. As the host squad. Essar School pupils participated merely for the spirit of engagement. sharing and acquisition and non in the competitory subdivision. In the Valedictory Function organized on 17th August. the high Judgess consisting of Dr. R. Krishnamurthy ( Director and Professor – Bhagwan Mahavir College ) . Dr V. Kumar ( A Research Scientist and Head of Cotton at Main Cotton Research station at Navsari Agricultural University ) . Prof. Niteen Patel ( Head of Electronics and Communication Department. SVNIT ) and Dr. R. A Christian ( Associate Professor and Dean-Faculty Welfare. SVNIT ) gave their opinion after inspecting each undertaking on their ain virtue. The best 15 schools were selected and now they will vie at the National Level. All the participants were presented with certifications and momentos. The pupils of the host school besides portrayed rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan and Gujarat enacted a Nukkad Natak on
H2O preservation for the audience.

The Judgess applauded the pupils for their novel thoughts which would assist the universe to go a much better topographic point to populate in. Mrs. Sunita Matoo. Principal. Essar International School. thanked all the take parting squads for doing this event a success and appreciated their fresh undertakings. She besides summed up the true kernel of this exhibition by stating ‘science gives us tools of huge power and as with any other signifier of power. the abuse is ever a possibility. It hence. becomes incumbent on us to go wise and utilize these admirations with extreme care’ .

Students from many schools of Navsari. Bharuch and Surat had come to see the undertakings which in bend proved to be a learning experience for them.

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