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Assessment Event 4: Academic Research Essay Compare and Contrast: Traveling Alone V with A Group Student’s Name: Cheryl Student ID #: Teacher: Laura Due Date: Feb. 18, 2013 Word Count: Essay Plan Thesis: No matter when a person feels like visiting a foreign country, the first question is not where to go but go alone or on an organized tour. There are contrasts and similarities between the two ways.

Introduction: When it comes to travel, everyone has their own opinion. People may receive a few of suggestions from family and friends.However, no matter when a person feels like traveling, the first question is not where to go but go alone or on an organized tour. 1. There are some similarities between traveling alone and going with an organized tour. A. People can go where they want (location) B.

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People will have experience, improve survival skills C. Both way cost money, luxury 2. People who choose traveling alone will have more freedom. A. more control over specific destination and the amount of time spent at one location, which allows people to learn more about local culture B. oing there by bike with a tent C. freedom some tour guide lead travelers to shopping mall, it won’t happen if going by oneself. 3.

Traveling becomes much easier in a tour group. A. tour guides/companies do the entire planning just do as what the itineraries B. finding accommodations C. companions, more fun Conclusion: Different people have diverse thoughts. Personalities will influence people’s decisions. Though two ways are quite different, they are both worthy. It is okay which mode people like, the purpose of travel for people is to have a good time.

Question: When visiting a foreign country, some people like to travel alone while others prefer to go on an organized tour. Compare and contrast these two choices. When a person plans to visit a foreign country, the first question is not where to go but to go alone or on with an organized tour. Traveling alone and going with a tour are both good choices.

There are various similarities between traveling alone and traveling with an organized tour. Initially, people can pay a visit to almost every country they want.When the destination is determined, one can decide going on a solo travel or with a group. Sometimes people only need to think about where to go because the two methods are just similar. The most essential factor is that both ways will teach one something. People will accumulate more life experience, improve survival skills and broaden their outlook. Through traveling, people will see the other side of the world. They will understand the globe deeper than before.

What is more, people are able to learn a foreign language.The last same point is that both ways are luxurious. In an individual trip, people usually do their best to make it easy, which means they will spend a large amount of money on well equipment, fantastic souvenirs and good food. While in an organized tour especially with a tour guide, people will probably spend more than expected. Owning to most Chinese travel agents will lead people to shopping mall to consume. Hence, solo travel and group travel is pretty alike. People who choose to visit a foreign country alone will have more freedom.

To get the freedom, Abercrombie & Kent made a 26% increasing in solo travel by discounting in 2011. People control more over specific destinations and time. They have the right to determine what time to go.

If people prefer somewhere, then they can spend as much as time they can at the location, which allows them to know further about local culture. Moreover, people find it adventurous to go on their own; people can go wherever they want and they wouldn’t have to be forced to go to a particular place. Furthermore, people truly travel to meet others around the world.Steve Born, director of marketing for the Globus family of brands, estimates that roughly 20 percent of the brands’ client base is traveling solo. Perhaps they feel it is easier to do this when they’re traveling solo.

In addition, travel in a foreign country alone will help people improve the foreign language level. It is also a good skill to know a foreign language. Nowadays, more and more people travel on their own bicycle.

Junming Yin, a 90-year-old Chinese man who has been reported to ride the whole China from end to end.His experience encouraged more people to join in solo travel. In brief, traveling alone can happen on anywhere any time. Traveling becomes much easier in a tour group. On account of this ease, every year, 72 million Americans travel to foreign countries with family, which undoubtedly makes group traveling a very important prospect in global travel industry. Due to a fraction of people who travel only for enjoyment, the travel agent is exactly what they need. Tour guides do the entire planning and people just do as what the itineraries instructed.

It is always better to travel in a small group consist of 4 persons or 8 persons. Usually, group travelers get preferential treatment from waiting in line at customs to enjoying special tours not extended to individual travelers. Also, as a foreigner, it is costly to find accommodation, car or bike rental and taxi alone in an unfamiliar country. However, this will not happen anymore when people travel together. On the other hand, one person is easily targeted for thief especially when no one guards the bags and the single needs to go to washroom.

On top of that, traveling with companions gives the trip more fun. People can take photos, shop as well as eat delicious food with friends. People decide plans together, which saves more time than one person does the entire job. Moments with friends are always filled with joy. Therefore, traveling with a group does give people much more convenience.

To put it all in a nutshell, different people have diverse thoughts. Personalities will influence people’s decisions. Though two ways are quite unlike, they are both worthy.It does not matter people prefer solo trip or a group tour, the main purpose of travel in foreign countries for people is to have a good time. Reference List U. S.

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