Lesson learned Essay

There comes a time in everyone’s life when bad things happen that we wish had never occurred. This experience, that result in being punished or even disciplined by our parents, guardian, police or even by a teachers, often leads us…

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What is intelligence Essay

Research Paper What is Intelligence anyway? Intelligence is based on situation. Have you ever tried defining Intelligence, I mean like for real? What is Intelligence? Sure the first thing that comes to mind is being academically sound right? Making A’s,…

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From the first woman professor to the first woman to receive a nobel prize Marie Curie was able to change the way women were viewed in the science community forever, and was able to be a role model for thousands…

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Fibonacci was an Italian mathematician born around 1170 in the town of Pisa  Italy. Fibonacci’s father was a popular merchant who owned a trading post in North Africa. He was often traveling with his father which gave him many opportunities…

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New “Production” Essay

Production,” (PRO), usually expressed as on-base percentage (OBP) plus Slugging Average (SA) has caught on as a common measurement of offensive capability since it was published in John Thorn and Pete Palmer’s Total Baseball in 1989. On-base percentage measures the…

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