SCOM1 Reflection Paper Essay

SCOM1 Reflection Paper            It is quite obvious that although speech communication is often talked about, it is still one of the subjects that worries a lot of people. However, this is not surprising since just the thought of standing in front and delivering a speech to the whole class is not something that is often done by most individuals. Despite this, it should be understood that speech communications class is not something to be worried about or to be feared as I have found out. In fact, the ideas taught in class all have more practical everyday applications that one might immediately consider at first.

            Giving such praise towards a subject that is commonly feared is rather unlikely, but it is important to take into account that through the subject, one may learn many important facts and other related information regarding public speaking. In fact, through a personal perspective, the most important is also the simplest and the most practical of all concepts in speech communication. To simply put it, the most important concept in speech communication that must be completely absorbed is the concept of starting with a bang and ending with a bang.

To expound, through a general perspective,  if one aims to make the audience listen, he or she must not simply rely on how innately interesting his or her speech is. It is important that the audience’s attention is attained at the start of the speech and a lasting impression be left at the end of the speech for a speech presentation to be completely worthwhile.            Aside from the concept mentioned, there are also other techniques taught that are more practical in nature. For one, how words should be properly pronounced and articulated is rather useful in a day to day basis. As an example, when I am speaking to figures of authority or simply to anybody, proper pronunciation is very important. When speaking to an instructor, to be taken seriously sometimes credibility is required, and one way of attaining a level of credibility is through properly pronouncing words.

In this sense, credibility is increased since the image of being quite knowledgeable is projected and attained to a degree. In addition, proper pronunciation is also vital in establishing a clearer exchange of information as words that are improperly received or heard are obviously lessened.            Aside from pronunciation, eye contact is also an important and practical technique taught in speech communication. In everyday situations, communicating with people requires a certain level of trust and rapport to be attained. This is initially built by maintaining eye contact due to the fact that maintaining an eye to eye link also expresses a certain level of sincerity. Thus in result, the individual being talked to will consider what is being said, however simple or complex may it be, to be generally true. In addition, maintaining eye contact also enhances the attention of the listener towards what is being said, and in result also enhancing the exchange of ideas even through common everyday scenarios such as what to buy or where to go to.            Discussing such techniques pertaining to speech communication might make one think that I am an expert in the subject matter.

Although admitting that I am quite knowledgeable in the basic concepts of public speaking, it must be stressed out that I have still a lot more to learn and improve upon. Currently, I believe that I am well versed in maintaining the attention of the audience through the different techniques taught in class. Hence, in a way, I have accomplished an efficient level of understanding and applying eye contact, speech flow and pacing, pronunciation, and projection. However, I admit that in terms of proper expression, I still lack this skill.

In addition, studying proper pronunciation may also be considered as a never ending task. Therefore, although quite capable in certain aspects of public speaking, expression and pronunciation must still be improved in my own case.


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