Seleq Shootimer Mk III Essay

* This is a most worthwhile device for anyone who shoots a firearm under the pressure of time limits or for whom rapidity of fire is amatter of concern. Now you may not need the Shootimer if you can alwayspractice shooting in the company of a coach or cooperative buddy withlightning reflexes, a stopwatch and a whistle, and it is precisely totake the place of such a person that this electronic apparatus wasdeveloped.

It also eliminates the human factor or the need for anelectronic stopplate in scoring timed events in combat competitions. What the Shootimer does, in brief, is to provide a random delaystart signal some seconds after it has been activated. It then updatesits digital readout in seconds each time it “hears” a shot.There is no limit to the number of shots the Shootimer will record, andit measures times in hundredths of a second. The basic unit consists of the Shootimer, a belt holster to carryit, and an earplug for the signal; it retails for $159. In addition,there are a number of accessory devices. Our sample came with the”Middlehorn” speaker, which broadcasts an audible beep; thispermits the Shootimer to be rested on a bench and dispenses with theearplug and holster.

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Softer and louder signals are also available.Other accessories include control boxes, which can control turningtargets, sirens, horns, etc.; input jacks for attaching downrange microphones, and a “Remote Relay” radio transmitter andreceiver for use in certain rifle matches or combat pistol courses. We tried the Shootimer at the Target Range in Van Nuys, California,on several occasions, and it functioned perfectly every time. Operationwas very simple: Punch the activator button, await the beep signal, fireas soon as you hear the signal and, voila, there’s your time inseconds as soon as you have finished.

It worked for single shots,”double taps” or when I chose to empty a cylinder or magazine. The Shootimer is adjustable for sensitivity, but on the baffled,partitioned indoor range, we had no problems with the Shootimer beingactivated by other guns o the line. The basic Shootimer unit, by theway, is very lightweight and scarcely larger than a box of .30-06cartridges. Whether your game is combat competition or NRA Rapid Fire practice,or if you’re curious about your speed of draw or wish to measurethe relative controllability of various handguns and loads–for any of agreat many uses–this Seleq Shootimer looks like it would be anexcellent addition to the gear you tote to the range. More informationand prices are available from Seleq Corporation, Dept. GA, P.

O. Box5117, Golden, CO 80401.


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