Self driving cars

Self driving cars. To be, or not to be. That is the question. For myself, and many other people of this world, it’s not “if” its a “when”. In the present day, autonomous vehicles are around, not being used by the everyday consumer, but tested by manufacturers such as Tesla and Google. Then come the questions of, are they safe? can someone trust a robot to drive them around? Are they affordable? Many questions like these need to be answered before someone like myself will invest in the revolutionising phenomenon.
As the everyday commuter embarks on their journey to school, work, a football game, or the Nutcracker, there’s always something to distract them. Passengers, the sports car passing them in the left lane, the big huge billboard sign with a big butt on it, advertising liposuction. Distractions. All reasons to be involved in car accidents. Then, there is the autonomous vehicle. The vehicle that is focused on the road at all times, carefully monitoring each and every move of the car in front, in back, on left or right. This vehicle is never sad, never angry, never tired or drunk. Never ever distracted from the roadways.


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