Self-Reflection: The Process of Writing Essay

Self-Reflection Essay: The Process of WritingThe process of writing, “Acing the Examination” was very interesting and came naturally to me, as I was struggling with examinations, myself.  My worries about the outcomes of my tests was an all-encompassing aspect of my school experience.  Therefore, writing this essay was both therapeutic in that I was able to put into words what I was feeling and it was also informative as I thought about the audience and all other students who might feel the same way.  I do not want to say that I was initially selfish in the beginning of the writing process, but I did focus on myself and my experience more at first and then tried to turn the piece into something that would appeal to a larger group.What was the most difficult was trying to find a tone that was upbeat, as it was difficult to look objectively at what I was writing, since I had very strong emotions that came with this topic.  I did manage to improve of the tone in my paper, making the topic sound less severe and more positive.

  I weaved in words of encouragement and inspirational quotes to help balance out the stressful nature of schooling.  I think that this really helped me, personally, and made the writing process much easier and not so distracting.  Overall, I am very happy with the final outcome although the process was an “uphill battle” from the start.

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