Senior address for my high school band banquet Sample Essay

Well here it is. Band banquet clip once more. A clip to acknowledge our achievements and kick-off a new twelvemonth. But there are 15 of us in this room tonight. who won’t be here following twelvemonth – 15 members of this set whose clip with the Sound of Pride has come to an terminal. Tonight we can look back on the last four old ages. with sentiment and esteem. Throughout the last four old ages we’ve sweated together and we have won together. I don’t think any of us will be able to bury the astonishing success achieved throughout our four old ages of senior high school. We’ve had so many good times. . But more than good times. we’ve had good friends. Good friends that we’ll ne’er bury. In fact. I doubt that any of us have forgotten or of all time will bury that first scaring twenty-four hours of first-year set cantonment.

None of us truly knew what to anticipate. some of us were excited. and some of us weren’t. In fact. half of us were merely at that place because our parents made us – but by the terminal of that hebdomad. we all had a new feeling of what being in set was all about. I’m certain we all retrieve our freshers twelvemonth. the twelvemonth it rained so much the 50 pace line looked like the Mississippi River. and the twelvemonth we all thought we’d be carried off by the emmets. But after months of processing pattern. football games. and festivals. we decided this whole set thing wasn’t that bad. That twelvemonth we put on a Georgia show. in award of the Olympics. We got a few 1s that twelvemonth. but it was merely a shadow of what was to follow.

Finally. the freshmen twelvemonth was over. We were no longer slaves to those atrocious seniors. but we weren’t precisely the top Canis familiariss either. We sat down at set cantonment to a new vocal. One More Time Chuck Corea. It’s difficult to believe. but that vocal brought us closer together than any four hr pattern or coach drive could hold. The prosperity of that year’s show. including our first 1 at Showcase. gave us all a new sense of pride and trueness for our set. By this clip we had figured out what Berwick was approximately. We were approximately winning. and we were approximately holding a great clip making it.

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Our Junior twelvemonth was no less impressive. particularly with the amazing new membranophone big leagues. Cow and chicken were introduced that twelvemonth. along with Mr. Scheuermann’s new girls. Not to advert our 1s at Showcase. we finished out that twelvemonth with a trophy from province. something that hadn’t been done in over 15 old ages.

In the wink of an oculus it was our senior twelvemonth. We didn’t think we could make better than the old twelvemonth. but we did. 24 trophies and a close perfect season. It was a great twelvemonth. but without a 2nd idea. processing season was gone. Christmas passed. and now. even concert season has come to an terminal. Before we knew it. there we officer elections. and we couldn’t ballot. Tonight we’re giving off our offices. and the equipment cheque lists have already been sent out to the new freshers. but we didn’t acquire one. In a few months. we may even see person in Wal-Mart with a Sound of Pride T-shirt on. and we might non cognize their name. But if anything can stand out the most in our vision of the yesteryear. it is the friendly relationship we have made in this set. I’ll ne’er bury all the times anticing about in all right humanistic disciplines study. or acquiring fussed at 1000000s of times for speaking to loud with Shannon back in the 3rd clarinet row. I’ll ne’er bury speaking about how cunning this cat was. or how immature this cat was. on those long trips to Natchitoches. . or the many times we’ve had to soothe person after interrupting up with their fellow or girlfriend. who was besides in the set. The friendly relationship we made in set were true friendly relationships. We’ve seen each other in our worst times and our best times.

High school set is no longer portion of our lives. we’re no longer 3rd clarinets. there is no more pattern. there are no more bus drives. the set field is empty. and when we hear person else playing the meter for the first clip. we’ll recognize our clip with the Sound of Pride is merely a memory now. But the impact that it has had on our lives will stay everlastingly. We’ve sweated together. we’ve cried together. we’ve won together. and we’ve lost together. But most of all. we’ve learned together. We learned about licking. and we learned about triumph. With hours of pattern on the field. we’ve learned what it means to work for something. and with locked weaponries at festivals. we’ve learned how it feels to eventually acquire it. We’ve learned that the times we cried would one twenty-four hours do us laugh. and tonight. as it all comes to an terminal. as we look back over our four old ages. and as we say good-bye. we learn that the times that made us laugh. would one twenty-four hours do us shout.


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