Senior Citizen Essay

Senior CitizensWhat is the most of import job that senior citizens face today- Deteriorating wellness.

malnutrition. deficiency of shelter. fright. depression. dotage. isolation. ennui.

non-productivity. and fiscal incapacity are the most common jobs that senior citizens all over the universe face today. These jobs can be grouped into two classs that relate to the physical andmental wellness and the fiscal capacity of the senior citizen. 1.

Physical and mental wellness –Stability of physical and mental wellness is a cardinal concern that senior citizens have to postulate with as they go through their dusky old ages. The human organic structure is a system that wears out with long and insistent usage ; and rather easy. with neglect and maltreatment. Aging is a life-cycle phase where the human capacity to believe. act.

relate. and learn starts to waver and deteriorate. Aging breeds unwellnesss such as loss of memory. stationariness. organ failure.

and hapless vision. These are critical disfunctions that could sideline a senior citizen to a alone and suffering life. While a clean and discreet life style in his or her prime could cut down the susceptibleness of a senior citizen to dreaded post-retirement unwellnesss. the oncoming of any disfunction is one unpredictable go oning even if the individual might hold had robust fiscal wellness.

The infirmity of the human organic structure grows with the aging procedure regardless of who the individual is. a sure-to-come event amplifying the primacy of physical and mental wellness stableness as a cardinal job of senior citizens.2. Fiscal capacity –Possessing sustainable fiscal capacity before. during. and after the origin of a senior position is both a basic job and an elusive dream for most people.

This fiscal quandary is common among senior citizens who are normally relegated to an low place of economic inaction. Lack or absence of fiscal capacity creates a nerve-racking life and invites the entry of jobs other than physical and mental wellness issues. For case. domestic jobs in an extended household system can worsen the job of a financially-destitute senior citizen. Should any of the kids be wallowing in a similar province of poorness. the senior citizen becomes physically and mentally loaded up with intense and go oning force per unit area out of being wholly incapacitated to come to the fiscal deliverance a sorrowing boy or girl.

While it may non be the Panacea to aging-related jobs. the value of money can non be overstated in the post-retirement period. A financially-handicapped senior citizen. afflicted with some degenerative or serious unwellness. is practically on the route to an early decease. A financially unafraid senior citizen with the same unwellness. nevertheless. may hold a longer life to populate because money can give speedy and convenient entree to vitalizing redresss.

Even with state-of-mind disfunctions like terrible depression. ennui. nervous dislocation. and self-pity. fiscal capacity can purchase options to rejuvenate and
review a financially-capable senior citizen. through travels. aged diversion. societal reclamation.

and go oning instruction. A hapless senior citizen in the same province of mental debasement can non afford to make the same ; and more so. be back into the mainstream of society. As can be discerned from the predating treatments. the badness and importance of both wellness and fiscal jobs is a map of the mileposts the senior citizen had set up preparatory to confronting the challenge of post-retirement.

These mileposts are: 1 ) Quality: what life style had been lived in the past 2 ) Measure: what gifts and fiscal luck had been built 3 ) Relationships: what community of people the senior citizen had moved approximately and is attached with.What is so the most of import job that senior citizens face today? Is it wellness ( physical and mental ) or fiscal capacity? From a practical and realistic point of view. I consider the inseparable tandem of wellness and fiscal capacity as the most of import job that senior citizens have to fix and program for. I use the phrase “prepare and program for” because wellness and fiscal capacity becomes a job merely if the senior citizen had. in the yesteryear. been forgetful or inattentive of its hereafter importance.

A healthful life is like a running well-oiled machine. with its critical parts continuously maintained so that it can execute usually. or at peak productiveness. beyond its awaited utile life. The oncoming of sudden serious wellness jobs can be well mitigated. if non wholly avoided.

This holds true if the senior citizen. at the clip of his or her premier. had led a clean. discreet. active. family-based.

helpful. and interrelated life. a subject that builds premium on fittingness.

unity. peace. humbleness. fulfilment. and friendly relationship.

Fiscal adversities can be avoided if the senior citizen. during his or her period of economic activity and public-service corporation. had intentionally exercised foresight. focal point. uninterrupted larning.

doggedness. and simpleness. a subject that systematically upholds the importance of modest demands. nest eggs. productiveness. competency.

and presenting superior value to people and organisations. The thought here is to construct a sustainable wealth of lifetime resources to turn to the fiscal demands of the individual across the dusk zone. On my mother’s side. my grandmother died at the age of 95 old ages old while my grandfathers passed off at 92. With no known serious unwellness at the clip of their decease. we were all of the sentiment that they died by ground of old age.

How did they pull off to both populate a long life? With respect to their holding a healthful life. both my grandmother and my grandfather were vegetarians. They sacredly observed full eight-hour dark slumber and two-hour afternoon sleep everyday.

They were both active. With my grandmother coming from a political household. she was all over the community interacting with people during her free clip. My grandfather. who was a full-blooded Christian. was rather busy each twenty-four hours evangelising on the bible with different sorts of people.

As we had ab initio lived at my grandparents’ place. I could clearly remember that there was no twenty-four hours that they did non hold visitants. at least two to three batches of people with different narratives and jobs to state and bespeak advice for. In short. they were ever interconnected with people. It was a place full of exhilaration. sharing. and counsel.

an residence that I think was the spring of long life for my grandparents. As to how my grandparents sustained a reasonably comfy life. even if both of them were economically inactive. was to me a narrative of disciplined survival worth emulating and patterning upon.

The family merely lived on the little pension of my grandfather plus some aid from an uncle who was gainfully employed. But my grandmother. who closely tracked and managed the fundss. had the regimen and capacity to prioritise and stretch the budget in a mode that. on a monthly footing. the basic demands were sufficiently addressed and some residuary money were tightly saved.Though my grandmother was a stickler of kindness and generousness to people. I ne’er witnessed any minute that they were in the tally for some exigency money.

Neither had they borrowed anything from any relations or friends. To my appraisal. they had a retirement fund thorax that remained integral until the hr of their decease. And how did this go on? I think it was a heaven-sent approval. Incremental aid money.

though in moderately little sums. on a regular basis flowed in from people who had been helped by my grandparents. non financially. but on the declaration of their domestic and calling jobs.

Whenever I go on a remembrance manner about my childhood and adolescent yearss. I am elated for being a grandson to my grandparents. Such remembrance ever reinforces in me the non-erasable idea that the abstract gifts of wisdom. compassion. kindness. humbleness. and transparence non merely construct a repute of reputability and a life of length of service ; but besides.

over clip. they give finite fiscal returns that can bridge people to a carry throughing post-retirement life as a senior citizen.With all the exciting. fun-filled. and encouraging lessons from my grandparents. I have no apprehensiveness confronting the life of a senior citizen.

It is all how you live and love your life in the service of your household. of the people around you. and of humanity in general. * Execution of senior citizen-A twosome of hebdomads ago. intelligence cartridge holders featured some of our seniors joying outside the Malacanang Palace.

No. they were non reenacting the “Cry of Pugadlawin” . Neither did they win the bingo kitty. They were observing the sign language of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo of Republic Act ( RA ) No.

9994. otherwise known as the “Expanded Senior Citizens Act of 2010” . Of class. we are all cognizant that senior citizens. or those resident citizens of the Philippines at least 60 old ages old. are entitled to a 20 per centum price reduction on their purchases of basic indispensable goods and services such as medical specialties. transit. medical and dental fees.

services in hotels and eating houses. etc. As introduced in RA 9994. purchases covered by the price reduction are considered exempt from value-added revenue enhancement ( VAT ) .

Previously. senior citizens claim that they are efficaciously acquiring merely an 8 per centum price reduction because of the 12 per centum VAT imposed on their purchases. With the transition of the new jurisprudence.

they can now bask the full impact of the 20 per centum price reduction. The constitutions selling those goods and services. on the other manus. may claim the price reductions as tax write-off from their gross income.

However. finance people claim that the extra VAT freedom could interpret to at least P1. 6B one-year gross loss for the authorities. This loss. nevertheless. can be better recouped through efficient revenue enhancement aggregation. The demand to back up the most vulnerable members of our society in this ambitious phase of their lives far more outweighs the jutting gross loss of the authorities. While our darling “young once” felt triumphantly exultant with the transition of this new jurisprudence.

uncertainties loom whether this feeling is every bit shared by the merchandising constitutions. For one. this development necessitates an accommodation in the computerized accounting system ( CAS ) peculiarly to those utilizing hard currency registries or point of sale ( POS ) machines like fast nutrient ironss. As we know. the 20 per centum price reduction is applied merely on the entire measure. divided by the figure of clients.

for those who come in groups.These POS machines may be designed or programmed merely to take up price reductions. but may hold to be calibrated to except the gross revenues allocated for the sole usage and enjoyment of the senior citizen from the revenue enhancement base topic to VAT. With respect to those utilizing manual invoices/official grosss. conformity for BIR intents entails extra clip to individually bespeak the gross sales/receipts refering to senior citizen as VAT-exempt dealing. Furthermore.

these constitutions must maintain a separate book to supervise their VAT-exempt gross revenues. What could be controversial in this new jurisprudence is the consequence of the input VAT incurred by the marketer on the goods or services sold to senior citizens. As a regulation. input VAT straight attributable or allocated to VAT-exempt gross sales/receipts signifiers portion of the cost of the goods or services.

This is deductible from the gross income to find the nonexempt income. Therefore. alternatively of basking the full benefit of the input VAT as creditable against its end product VAT. the marketer stands to recognize merely 30 per centum ( income revenue enhancement rate ) of the input VAT it incurred in conveying the goods or services in its saleable status.

This. in consequence. creates undue load on the portion of the Sellerss since they will hold to shoulder the 70 per centum of the input VAT that they may non be able to to the full use or recognition against their end product revenue enhancement liability. The scenario would hold been different if the jurisprudence declared the dealing as VAT zero-rated alternatively of VAT-exempt sale. Input VAT for zero-rated gross revenues may be refunded or applied against the gross sales/receipts subject to end product VAT. This would do the benefit more VAT impersonal to the Sellerss as it would let them to still recognition the full input VAT against their end product VAT liability.

At any rate. with the Expanded Senior Citizens Act of 2010 in topographic point. the following challenge is for the different authorities bureaus to come up with their several implementing regulations and ordinances ( IRR ) to give life to the jurisprudence.

For the BIR. the IRR shall sufficiently cover the conformity demands to forestall any issues that may be raised by the taxpayers in the class of its execution. In crafting the IRR. it must ever be kept in head that the aim of the jurisprudence is to maximise the possible benefit to our seniors and to supply them the much needed means to endure the uncertainnesss of old age without adversely impacting the merchandising constitutions.

* Religion of senior citizen – Statistics Canada studies that seniors are one of the fastest turning population groups in Canada ( Statistics Canada: 2005 ) . In 1995. seniors made up 12 % of the population. It is estimated that by 2041. about 23 % of the population will be over 65. Statisticss besides show that seniors tend to be really involved in spiritual activity and are most likely to go to spiritual maps on a regular footing. Given the addition in our senior population. and the importance of spiritual engagement for seniors.

it is seasonably that farther consideration be given to the religious attention demands of this turning population. In the class of the past 40 old ages. an impressive organic structure of research refering the relationship between faith and wellness has been published. Many recent surveies focus even more specifically on aging. faith. and wellness. Kimble ( 1995 ) emphasizes the demand to see the wellness of seniors from a multi-dimensional position of aging that encompasses the whole individual.

This integrity. he adds. takes into history the religious. physical. mental. emotional. and societal dimensions of human life. The intent of this paper is to place some of the ways that faith might impact the wellness of seniors both positively and negatively in relation to these dimensions of wellness.

Consideration will be given to three cardinal countries of research: societal support. faith and header. and the importance of significance and intent in the lives of seniors. For the intents of carry oning research. research workers frequently employ definitions that distinguish between faith and spiritualty ( Koenig. McCullough. & A ; Larson. 2001 ) .

In order to stay consistent with the research. the term faith will be used to mention to an organized system of beliefs. patterns. rites. and symbols designed to ease intimacy to a sacred world and to further an apprehension of one’s connexion and duty to a community ( Koenig. McCullough & A ; Larson.

2001. 18 ) . Research workers have sought to mensurate religionism based onvariables such as church-attendance and engagement in institutionally organized ctivities. Spirituality has been defined as “the pursuit for understanding life’s ultimate inquiries and the significance and intent of life.

which frequently leads to the development of rites and a shared spiritual community. but non necessarily” ( Koenig. George. & A ; Titus. 2004. 555 ) . Religious wellness may affect a belief in a supreme being.

the feeling of integrity with the environment. a sense of significance and intent in life. along with the ability to see love. joy. hurting. sorrow. peace. contentment.

and admiration ( Donatelle. Davis. Munroe & A ; Munroe. 2001. 4 ) . Religious wellness can be assessed through conversations with the person. or through the usage of standardised religious appraisal tools.

such as the “Spiritual Well-being Scale” ( Ellison. 1983 ) or the “Spiritual HealthInventory” ( in Topper 2003. 72 ) .

Religious appraisal can be an of import agencies of deriving an apprehension of a person’s religious demands. Religious support can affect the sharing of spiritual experiences and feelings. assisting others adapt spiritual instructions and rules to day-to-day life ( Krause 2004 ) . seeking pastoral attention. take parting in organisational and non-organizational spiritual activities. and showing religion in a lovingness God ( Koenig. 1994 ) . Some of the dimensions of faith and spiritualty identified by research workers include spiritual significance.

values. beliefs. forgiveness. public and private spiritual patterns. spiritual get bying. spiritual support.

spiritual history. spiritual committedness. organisational and non-organizational devoutness.

and societal relationships with spiritual community members and clergy. While a figure of people have influenced my contemplations on the importance of faith and spiritualty in relation to the wellness and wellbeing of seniors. Florence’s narrative serves as one instance illustration that will be used in this paper to foreground the importance of spiritual get bying. significance and intent. and societal support. ( The name Florence is a anonym used to protect the individual’s anonymity. ) When Florence was 62 old ages of age she suffered a intellectual aneurism.

The aneurism was successfully treated by surgery. but both the aneurism and the exigency intervention caused lasting harm. Florence spent the following six months in a comma. The forecast was non good. and the physicians offered the household small hope for her recovery. Florence defied the odds. Two old ages subsequently.

shortly after her return from a vacation to Mexico. Florence informed a assemblage of friends that it was her religion in a loving God that sustained her through the many challenges she faced during her long. hard.

and limited recovery. While her retirement old ages are possibly non as she imagined they would be. it is her deep sense of religion in a loving God and a feeling of gratitude for life that inspire her to populate each twenty-four hours every bit to the full as possible. in malice of her many restrictions. Her religion.

along with the support and encouragement she receives from her partner. household. and friends.

are as built-in to her continued wellness as is the medical attending she received.


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