September 11, 2001 was a tragic day that the United States claims will never be forgotten Essay

September 11, 2001 was a tragic day that the United States claims will never be forgotten. The United States had tried their best to keep the American people consoled, safe, and unified during this frightening time. They took a careful and safe approach into protecting the country and invading Afghanistan. In this passage a Caesar personae explains his hypothetical position on the 9/11 disaster and what he would have done differently from the American way of going about it. Caesar explains he would have preferred a shorter, swift, bloody but decisive conflict.Caesar was known to always be on the winning team, and while he had many enemies, he also gained allies; just as the United States would have, he implies, if America was to go about with such radical reactions to 9/11.

Although September 11th was one of the most radical and life-changing dates in our American history, it is hard to remember that morning in 2001. As a first grader living in Southern California, my parents sheltered me from the news and hearing about the towers falling. Living so far away from the event made it appear unreal and it seemed as if it did not apply to me.Mainly growing up in a post 9/11 world; however, has made me subject to the many changes and restrictions placed onto society because of this event. Such changes include not being able to bring my own water bottle or hair product onto an air plane, watchful security monitoring my every move in any city, store, or airport, the agonizing task of getting visas for international tourism, and the high tensions and judgments of the Middle Eastern and Muslim people.

I can hardly remember a time when these things did not exist, however I can recall how greatly they have affected my life.I was never interested in following the wars and being involved with the negative aspects of 9/11. I always merely prided myself on being an American. Being half Middle-Eastern, my father always bestowed upon me how fortunate we were to grow up in a country with so many rights and freedoms.

Therefore, rather than strive fully comprehend September 11,2001, I accept that I know enough about it to be heartbroken by the atrocities, and understand the changes in society that have been made due to this event. If Julius Caesar was president, I wonder if many of the same changes would’ve been made.


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