Shakespeare Creative Writing Coursework Essay

How can life be so horrid? No time has passed since my marriage to the glorious Juliet and I have been exiled form my home, here in Verona. I love her so much and can not bear to be parted. I would rather die than face banishment. And thought I love her, I sometimes think that she is the root problem in my life. I would not fight with Tybalt because of her; Mercutio, stubborn as a donkey and twice as fierce as a tiger could not see a challenge go amiss: it cost him his life. I could never imagine my best friend dying; the pain sis so much! Benvolio did all that he could to console me, but when the enemy returned, I saw red.

The King of Cats, as high and mighty as he is, came back to gloat. I was so angered (more by sorrow than by anger) by his calmness of the incident that nothing could stop me. It was until only later that I realised what I had done. I am not a superstitious man, but I believe that a dying man’s wishes are always upheld. Mercutio, with his last breath, cursed both our houses and I am feeling the brunt of it. Being exiled here in Mantua is like being killed 100 times. I imagine that Juliet is feeing the same, but what about my parents? The torment that they must be going through at this time is unbelievable.

I have spoken to the friar and he does nothing but console me; it is, however, in vain. Nevertheless, to see my darling Juliet was lovely, but I do wish we could have our whole lives together. Instead, I shall be made to live my years’ alone in Mantua, unless my beloved Juliet comes to stay with me. Until that time, I wait, alone.

Life is very complicated; has god forsaken me? The events of a lifetime have passed by in only a matter of days. Young Romeo, turning to God (through me) for advice on his love life. Young Benvolio telling my proti??gi??e to find another lady to like, Then there was the party; heavens above!In such a sport space of time, Romeo has changed the person for whom he dotes upon. I have asked him whether it was true love or simply a passing thought that will fade when he sets his eyes on another. It seems he did not act on my thoughts and in no time, he was asking me to marry him to the young Juliet.

He could have chosen and young female in the whole of Verona and he chooses the daughter of his fathers nemesis. Nevertheless, I trust in God’s faith and married the lovers. I do think that if the two families were to reconcile their differences, life in Verona may be much more peaceful.Well, not a day had passed when Romeo picked a fight with the headstrong and precocious Tybalt. Romeo, not wanting to fight “family”, tried to calm Tybalt, but only succeeded in angering the Capulet further. Mercutio, as equally headstrong and precious, took up the fight with Tybalt and “drew the short straw”.

In his dying words, he cursed the two warring families and questioned Romeo’s actions: blaming his friend for his death. Romeo, determined and vengeful, took up the fight with the arrogant Tybalt; to his unfortunate “luck”, won.The Prince, understanding the reason behind Romeo’s actions, decided to not execute the young Montague but simply banish him. The Nurse of the young Capulet has been here to ask what will happen to her charge: I did not know. Then, Lord Capulet tells Juliet that she will have to marry the noble kinsmen of Prince Escalus, County Paris, in 2 days time. I cannot marry her again but I do not know what I should do otherwise. I have played too big a part in this whole affair and I leave it to God to carry out his work.

All I can do is pray for this complicated business to turn out right.


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