Shakespeare Is a Fraud Sample Essay

One can non compose 36 dramas. one hundred and 54 sonnets and two long narrative verse forms if they were ordinary. But incredibly. William Shakespeare did merely that from 1564 – 1616. Peoples have oppugning how Shakespeare achieved composing such great pieces of literature. when the behind the scenes narrative does non add up. There are no records to turn out he wrote anything and there is proof person else did what he took recognition for. In my sentiment. Macbeth and Titus Andronicus. two of Shakespeare’s dramas are strong illustrations of pieces of literature that was non really created by Shakespeare. I believe William Shakespeare. the adult male with many outstanding achievements. is non the adult male who he is known to be.

To get down. Shakespeare’s personal life does non reflect upon the adult male he is known to be. He grew up in a little town called Stratford. had a married woman and childs. He lived off from them during the tallness of his calling. Documents found show that his kids were uneducated and nonreader. Shakespeare is one of the greatest authors in history. yet his childs did non cognize how to read or compose. If their male parent truly were the Godhead of the “greatest literature” of all clip. why habit he desire his childs to turn up being able to read and understand his plants? ( Emmerich. Page 67 ) I believe this shows Shakespeare is a fraud because no male parent with the ability. endowment and sum of money he had would non be willing or want to pay to give a kid a thorough instruction. In add-on. Shakespeare’s script is keen in his dramas and verse form. but after largest literary Hunt in history. non one manus written note or missive was found. ( Emmerich. Page 89 )

This suggests that Shakespeare ne’er did compose the literature and explains why his childs did non cognize how to read or compose. Another ground his personal life does non reflect upon the adult male he is known to be is because Shakespeare is seen to be a different adult male than he truly is. He makes merriment of his ain equals. The manager of Anonymous quotation marks: “Shakespeare was non a high-toned adult male. yet he speaks as if so in his literature and mocks his ain equals in the category degree in which he is in” . ( Ten ground ) Shakspere is seen to be a fraud. because how can one cognize so much item about the high-toned life manner if you have ne’er been exposed to it. He wrote in so much item about something he had ne’er experienced. taking people to believe person else many have written his novels. To reason Shakespeare is a fraud because his personal life does non fit with the existent Godhead of the literature.

Second. grounds suggests that some one else is the Godhead of the work. In the novel Anonymous the writer suggests that Shakespeare did be. but he merely took recognition for these dramas. In Anonymous. Shakespeare is an histrion at the Globe Theater and knows the drama books are being given to the theatre anonymously. One twenty-four hours a show was really successful and the audience was intoning repeatedly: “Play wright” . ( Emmerich. Page 50 ) Since the writer of these dramas evidently was non at that place. when no 1 was coming on phase. Shakespeare decided to move selfishly and take recognition for the drama. The audience is heartening him on because they have know ground to even see he did non compose these drama. whereas those who work at the theatre know the dramas are giving anonymously and Shakespeare is a fraud.

Another ground this literature belongs to some one else is because of Shakespeare’s composing. The lone script we have of Shakespeare’s is 12 inconsistent signatures. However when you compare Shakespeare’s signatures to his collogues. Kit Marlowe. Francis Baker. and Ben Johnson you can state something is non right. Throughout 12 different dramas. Shakespeare has twelve different signatures ( Ten grounds ) . In add-on authorship from the bosom. Shakespeare pour’s his bosom out throughout his sonnets. but ne’er one time mentions the decease of his 11 twelvemonth old boy. whereas Ben Johnson wrote an astonishing and beautiful verse form when his boy died ( Ten grounds ) . This suggests the adult male who is composing these dramas is non the existent Shakspere because he ne’er mentioned his son’s tragic decease in his work and had inconsistent script.

Last. The manager of Anonymous provinces that there are no educational records or any other records linking to Shakespeare. It is about impossible to derive the sum of cognition Shakespeare had with out traveling to school. There are no records to turn out that Shakespeare of all time attended the Stratford grammar school. yet the work of who truly wrote these dramas shows extended cognition about medical specialty. uranology. art. music. military. jurisprudence. doctrine. and activities such as royal tennis and falconry ( Ten ground ) . It is incredible for one to cognize all that without even a hint of school. This suggests that some one else wrote the dramas because Shakespeare does non hold the instruction and cognition to make so. Likewise. it is unusual how one knows so much about foreign states without of all time go forthing their state. Shakespeare’s records show that he has ne’er left the boundary lines of England. his place metropolis. yet he references Italian city’s in great item every bit good as Gallic tribunal life and educate and aristocracy of foreign lands ( Emmerich. Page 127 )

This suggests Shakespeare did non compose these dramas because he has ne’er been to where he is composing approximately. Besides without being at that place in individual there is no manner he could hold wrote about it in such item and apprehension. In add-on if one spent his life making many outstanding pieces of literature. it would be difficult to all of a sudden halt and ne’er compose one more thing. The writer of Anonymous provinces that Shakespeare retired at age 40 to travel back to Stratford. From so on non one piece of literature was of all time found ( Emmerich. Page 130 ) . This suggests that something might hold happened to existent Godhead of the literature. for illustration. it is possible that the existent Godhead died. Another ground why Shakespeare is non the existent Godhead of the literature is because in his last will it did non one time reference anything about his dramas or verse forms ( Ten grounds ) . This shows Shakespeare does non care about what will go on to his life’s work after his decease. Therefore Shakespeare is a fraud because non one record has been found to turn out that he wrote any of this literature.

To reason. Shakespeare’s accomplishments are beyond normal and are non being credited to the right individual. There is many cogent evidence that shows s deficiency of records. personal life. and cogent evidence he took recognition of what person else has done. proves that Shakespeare is a fraud. Macbeth and Titus Andronicus. are illustrations of work that Shakespeare took recognition for. The fresh Anonymous explains how that happened. There is no uncertainty that the 1 who truly wrote these pieces of literature are beyond mean. Therefore. a decision can be drawn that Shakespeare is a fraud.

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