Short Play Essay

Camera pans oft and centers on the barber, who is carefully sharpening his razor. He stops what he is doing once he sees the customer come in.

) Barber: (Looks away and continues to sharpen. ) Tortes: (Takes off his belt and hat and hangs it on the wall. He turns to the barber. ) Good afternoon. Barber: (Nervously) Good afternoon. Tortes: (Learns against the wall and wipes a drop of sweat from his forehead) It’s hot as hell. Give me a shave. (Camera focuses on the barber’s face, who is clearly nervous as you can see him gulp.

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His eyes scan Tortes’ face) Barber: (Nods as he begins to cut up small pieces of soap.He places the soap in a cup and mixes it with water. Continues to stir but doesn’t look up to make eye contact. ) What kind of shave do you want? Tortes: (Shrugs) Just shave it all.

Barber: (Stirs in a slow manner, but his eyes dart over to Tortes for a quick second before returning his gaze back to the soap) The other boys in the group should have this much beard, too. Tortes: (Laughs and shrugs) But we did all right, you know. We got the main ones.

We brought back some dead, and we’ve got some others still alive. But pretty soon they’ll all be dead. Barber: How many did you catch? Tortes: Fourteen.We had to go pretty deep into the woods to find them. But we’ll get even. Not one of them comes out of this alive, not one. (The Barber stops stirring tort a moment and dips a brush into the lather) Tortes: (Sits in the chair and learns back) .

Takes a deep breath (Tortes starts to talk, but his voice gets drowned out in the background as the camera pans towards the barber’s shaking hands. Reaches for the drawer and pulls out a sheet before tying it around Tortes’ neck) Barber’s thoughts: Shave, Just shave. Do not kill him. Tortes: The town must have learned a lesson from what we did the other day.Barber: (Carefully secures the knot) Yes. Tortes: That was a fine show, eh? Barber: (Watches as Tortes closes his eyes) Very good. (Camera focuses on his eyes, which are upon the sharp knife) Scene 2 Narrator: The barber has never had Tortes so close to him.

He tries to contain himself, but chant help but feel blood lust rise upon him. Barber: (Thinks back to the day he first saw Tortes) (Camera centers on the sky, before zooming downwards to a group of people who are gathered in the patio of the school. Camera zooms in on a group of people standing at the front, then pans to the right where four mutilated bodies were.Camera then souses on Tortes) Person 1: That’s Captain Tortes. Barber: (Turns to the person) Who? Person 1: Captain Tortes. He’s a man of imagination. Barber: (look confusing) How? Person 1: (Shrugs as she turns her attention back to the front) Well, who else would have thought of hanging the naked rebels and holding a target practice on the Scene 3 Narrator: The barber could feel his desire to kill increase, but he told himself that he won’t let himself do it. Little did Tortes know that the barber who was shaving him was a part of the rebels that he had murdered.

The barber himself is a rebel. (Camera zooms in on the barber’s face.A drop of sweat rolls down his forehead) Barber: (Begins to apply the first layer of soap with an unsteady hand) (Camera zooms out. Both the barber and Tortes are in the screen) Tortes: (Still with eyes shut) Without any effort I could go straight to sleep, but there’s plenty to do this afternoon.

Barber: (In a soft voice) A firing squad? Tortes: Something like that, but a little slower. Barber: (Gradually begins to lather Tortes’ beard again. ) (The camera shows a close up on the barber’s hands which are now trembling even more. ) Narrator: As oblivious as Tortes seems, the barber wishes he hadn’t come.He would eave been glad to shave Tortes’ beard like the rest of his customers, taking close caution that no single drop of blood was spilled, making sure that the end result would end up in a clean and soft shave, so that once he ran the back of his hand over the chin, he wouldn’t feel a thing. (Before the shaving starts, CAMERA FADES OUT AT THE BARBER’S SERIOUS FACE) END OF ACT 1 (CAMERA FADES IN TO FOCUS IN THE MIRROR, that night front of Tortes) Narrator: the barber has Just started to shave Tortes starting with his side burns.

He tries to start a conversation with him. Barber: You feeling any pain? If you do raise up your left hand.Tortes: Okay, but can you hurry up I am in a hurry. (CAMERA Slowly move from barber to Tortes) Barber thought: Tortes is so rude.

If you want a good shave you never rush it. (CAMERA Slowly zoom in to the barber, and when barber talks zoom out right away) Barber: I will try my best, but I need to sharpen my razor again. I don’t want you to get hurt. Narrator: While sharpening the razor the barber is glaring at Tortes. When the barber came back he applies shaving cream on Tortes. The cream starts to harden. (start from barbers eyes, and slowly pan to Tortes) Tortes: Hey! Barber! The cream is hardening and it feels very uncomfortable.

Hurry up!Barber: You cannot rush a barber sharpening his razor. If the razor is not sharp you will get hurt. What’s happening at 6 dock tonight at school? Tortes: I don’t know yet, but it will be very amusing.

Barber: You going to punish them all? Narrator: the barber doesn’t give him a chance to answer. The razor continues to run smoothly down Torero’s sideburns and starts to shave his beard. (follow the razor down the face) Barber thoughts: Tortes should have kept his beard.

It suits him so much more, because no one will remember him. Narrator: e ma thoughts in his mind the barber kept his professionalism ND shaved his neck like a true shaver.Barber thoughts: A true master shaver like me will never have any of my clients with scuffs or any injuries, especially Tortes who is a first class client. He has ordered many shots, and he doesn’t know I am his enemy. I have the ability to kill him anytime I want. (revolve around the razor) Narrator: The barber wishes to know Torero’s thought so he can tell the revolutionaries his ideas. Barber: Your beard is completely shaved.

You look so young! (Circle around Torero’s face) Tortes: My intention was that! Narrator: After shaving the sideburns and beard, the barber starts to shave Torero’s Adams apple.The barber’s hands are shaking, because one little cut can kill Tortes. Tortes: You have shaky hands for a barber(zoom into barbers hand shaking) Barber: l, I’m Just having a bad day. Do you still want me to shave your Adams apple section? Tortes: Of course! I paid to shave everything and I’m not going to lose my money. Narrator: Every shave getting shakier and shakier. Tortes finally gave up and told the barber to relax. Tortes: You need to relax. I’m no one special I’m only a normal customer trying to get a clean shave.

People say you are the best. Narrator: Hearing what Tortes has said the barber calms down, but still is very angry at him.Barber thoughts: Why is he complimenting me on my shaving skills? Why isn’t he scared of my wobbly hands? Barber: Why did you choose me as the shaver? Tortes: Vie been told that you are the best in town, but a little scary around the Adams apple.

Barber: Really? All my previous customers have never complained about me have wobbly hands around the Adams apple. Narrator. The more Tortes says the more the barber nee gets more gag e tat d. The door suddenly opened and person 1 came in. In a state of surprise the barber slices Torero’s neck. Tortes starts bleeding, and is unable to breath. In less than a minuteTortes is stone dead. (zoom into Tortes) Person 1: WHY.

.. WHY… WHY did you kill Captain Tortes!? (body shot) Barber: It was an accident! I didn’t mean it you scared me by coming in.

(move around the crime scene) Narrator: With Captain Tortes dead, Person 1 ran out to tell Person 2 and 3. Person 2: WHAT!? CAPTAIN TORTES IS DEAD AND THE BARBER KILLED HIM? WE NEED TO KILL THE BARBER. Narrator: While person 1 is telling his two friends the barber is running away from the back door. It is too late. Person 3 was in front of the door already. Barber: It wasn’t me I was surprised and by coincidence I was shaving his Adams apple.

Person 2: Why did you kill Captain Tortes? I know you are his enemy but he was giving you business why do you have to kill him now? Narrator: In the state of shock the barber pushed person 1 to the ground, and started to run for his car. (slowly film the push) Person 2: He’s getting away someone stop him before he starts his car! (film barber running into car) Person 3: Get in my car we will chase him. Narrator: The barber and person 1, 2, and 3 start on a high speed car chase. The barber is really scared, and he Just wants to leave the town without getting followed. He leaves a message for his revolutionary friend.Barber: Hey John.

I have Just killed Tortes can you please help me get out of town? Narrator: John isn’t replying the barbers voice messages. Person 1, 2, and 3 are still behind him. The barber has given up, and drove back to town with person 1, 2, and 3 behind him closely. The barber explains why he killed Tortes.

Barber: I was supposed to shave his face; everything went successful except when I was at his Adam apples. I was already nervous enough, and when you slammed the door open I was surprised and the razor Just slick deed Torero’s neck. Narrator: The three people think about what the barber said.They do not trust him, cause he wants Tortes to die. They realized how hard it is to shave the Adams apple part.

Person 1, 2, and 3 come to the ultimate decision, because they are the only one that knows about Torero’s death. (swirl camera around the three characters) Barber: So are you bringing me to the police and get me arrested? Person 1: We have thought about it for a very long time. Person 2: Killing someone will always be a crime, so our final decision is. Person 3: We will report you to the police, and let the Judge decide your future.

Narrator: The barber has told the police what have happened, but the police do not trust him.He was imprisoned for 2 days to know what his punishment it. Judge: *bang bang* after hearing both sides story.

My decision is the barber is not guilty as it was a accident. Person 1 was furious. She slammed the table, stood up, and finally yelled at the Judge. Barber thoughts: Thank goodness I didn’t get arrested I can continue back with my shaving business.

Narrator: Person 1 furiously left the court to catch up to the barber. He points at the barber and yells at him. Person Narrator: Yelling at him was not enough, so she punched him in the face.

The barber drag himself up, while feeling the blood, but he did nothing and Just left. Early next morning the barber is lying on the floor of his barber shop. No one wants to know what happen to him, so he Just lies in his store for his entire life.


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