Short Story: The Beach Essay

The dark night sky started to fade away as the sun started to rise on the far horizon. People woke up and got ready to go to the beach for family enjoyment. The sun making slow progress moved overhead as people rushed to the beach for a warm cosy afternoon. Old couples wearing woolly clothes and seeing the life go by. One of these couples named Jack and Doris sat watching people playing football, making sandcastles and all sorts of other activities which took them into their own nostalgic memories of when they were kids and when they used to do all these exercises but now it’s too hard for them to take part.

Nearby some children trying to show-off their spectacular skills in football near the sea, kicking it round while some jumped in the water enjoying the big splashes. Bikini clad-girls flirted with any good-looking talent, who passed by, getting no positive response as boys pretended to look distracted. Nearby, some girls ran straight into the water only to find that it was freezing, which caused them to squeal and they rushed back out passing several families on the beach.Young children were being forced to put on sun-cream [which annoyed them a lot but they didn’t have a choice] before they could go around doing different activities like donkey riding, playing football, jumping in the water, swimming, canoeing and attending the stalls for mini-games.

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People walked along the beach talking chatting and enjoying the tide coming in and colliding with their feet making them wet.Mothers with their prams slowly walked towards the beach watching the tides coming in and out and parent with their children enjoying the swim. Soon it was lunchtime and the tasty smell of food from the food stalls filled the environment attracting the people on the beaches to rush and grab something to eat. A huge zigzag queue was formed in front of the food stalls. Some people had pack-lunches to avoid all the fuss and start without having to wait for innumerable people to get the food.

As you slowly move out into the open sea, people could be seen canoeing, with ships in the background with their sails up. Seagulls were flying overhead, gliding and looking for scraps from the leftovers of food to scavenge, spotting some will swoop down and have a chase for it. Below, them people who were swimming, splashing in water, slowly started to come out into the water as they saw the sun setting on the far horizon with a bright shade of reddish orange. All the food stalls, activities came to a halt.People started a steady journey back home after packing all their belongings away safely with a big happy smile on their families showing how much fun they had in one day.

In a few moments time the whole beach of deserted, with only rubbish like wrappers, trays, plastic glasses, tissue papers and cans and all the leftovers thrown by people which were being scavenged by the seagulls as one seagull ran around with the a piece of leftover and a few others chasing it. A few people who enjoy watching the sunset and take pleasure in just looking at the bright colours came into sight walking their dogs, sniffing around for any leftovers, which could be worthwhile eating. Few people could be seen who came to enjoy the great sunset. Moments later the sunlight faded as the moon came into view. People turned their backs towards the moon and started a slow walk back to their homes.


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