Should cannabis be legal? Essay

Cannabis is a drug derived from the plant cannabis sativa. Cannabis contains more than 400 chemicals, with the main chemical being Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Smoking is the most common way of taking Cannabis. Cannabis can be found in hundreds of different substances, but the most common one is marijuana. About 4 percent of the world’s population smoke Cannabis annually and 0.6 percent daily (ref 1). I find this fact reliable as it is stated by, an organisation of Cannabis experts. Cannabis can affect some Social, Economic and Environmental issues, but Cannabis has more of an effect physically within our bodies.Up until 2004 cannabis was a Class B drug but has now been put down to a Class C drug and in 2006, the Home Secretary decided to keep cannabis as a Class C drug.

Some people believe that the legalisation of cannabis would lead to an increase in the usage of the drug among young people. They argue that if cannabis was legal, it would be more readily available and therefore more tempting to try. However, others believe that legalisation would cut numbers of cannabis users as the thrill of breaking the law and being rebellious would be taken away.

Argument For

These advantages are reasonable enough to argue for the legalisation of Cannabis.

Cannabis can have a relaxing effect on people, as well as more social effects, which include Talkativeness, Cheerfulness, and Greater appreciation of sound and colour. (ref 2)

I find this fact very reliable as it is stated by the BBC on their website I trust the BBC because of their professionalism, as they are much respected world wide because of all of the work they do, especially in the media.

There are some Strong points which support that Cannabis is actually Harmless and can be beneficial. ”The high use of cannabis isn’t associated with major health risks unlike other harder drugs”. In addition ”its effects are beneficial to sufferers of various medical conditions, including cancer, HIV, multiple sclerosis, and glaucoma” (ref 3). Furthermore ”Cannabis has an effect on the heart, similar to the effects of exercise and It may be just as good for the heart as going to the gym” (ref 4).

I find these facts reliable as they have all come from a recent Government report, which I found on the website. I don’t really think that any report can be trusted much more than a Government report.

As well as physically, and socially, the plant ‘Cannabis Sativa’ which makes Cannabis can also be a benefit to the Environment. For thousands of years the plant has been used to make dozens of commercial products like paper, rope, canvas, and textiles. (ref 5).

Cannabis can also have an economic effect as it generates small tax Revenue in the United Kingdom. It also serves a limited range of commercial and industrial markets. This data is quite reliable as it comes from a trusted source of people who research and study on drugs. I got it from

Another question that needs answering is.

Why is Cannabis illegal when it may cause less Negative effects than Alcohol which is a legal drug?

Many Cannabis smokers ask these questions, as ‘The World Health Organisation’s’ latest report claims that Cannabis is safer than Tobacco and Alcohol. Dr Roger Pert wee from WHO claims that Cannabis is ”not as addictive as people think it is”. He supports his statement by claiming that ”90% of those who had tried the drug had since quit, compared to the 9% who could manage to quit smoking Tobacco” He also claims that ”There is very little evidence that cannabis is harmful in the long term, just as Alcohol is” (ref 6).

I find this information very reliable as it comes from the World Health Organisation which is one the top organisations in the world which dedicates its work to get accurate health information and data world wide.

From all of the Data that I have collected, I see a pattern of an agreement from each source as they each compare Cannabis to other drugs in order to prove or convince that Cannabis is not as bad as people think. All the data that I have collected correspond with each other as they are all on the same line of identifying the positives of Cannabis, and comparing it to the negatives of legal drugs. They use Quantitative data by using figures in order to support each point that they make.

This, however, is not the end of the story, as after all advantages, there some strong disadvantages.

Argument Against

On the other side of the Story, there are some reasons which could be able to concern us if the legalisation of Cannabis would occur. Not all the effects of cannabis are pleasant. According to a recent study, 10-15% of people who smoked cannabis, reported feelings of confusion or paranoia as a disadvantage of taking the drug. (ref 7).This information supports the fact that Negative Social changes can occur because of this. In addition around 30% of people gave these negative experiences as their reason for permanently quitting Cannabis.

Another Negative social effect is that the possession, use, or sale of Cannabis can lead you up to 14 years in prison as Cannabis is illegal. Moving on, many people can argue that Cannabis can cause some Health Problems. ”Cannabis may be a ‘gateway’ drug to more harmful substances like heroin and cocaine” In addition ”Cannabis has a higher tar content than tobacco, so smoking cannabis presents the same health problems: bronchitis, emphysema and lung cancer” (ref 3).

All of these data has been collected from the BBC website which I find very reliable. The pattern of the data I have collected show that Cannabis has some devastating effects which are so devastating that anyone who knows about this would try their best to not experience this.


In conclusion all of the data which supports the legalisation of Cannabis are all very reliable as they all come from very trusted sources, which all give stronger and more convincing points than the data which disagrees with legalisation. If there is a drug, that is stated by a very trusted source such as WHO, as having the ability to cure you from cancer, HIV and glaucoma. Would you make it legal or illegal? I would make it legal. If there is a drug, that is stated by a very trusted source such as the BBC, as having the ability to give you Relaxation. Would you make it legal or illegal? I would make it legal. On the other hand the data which I have collected which is against the legalisation of Cannabis all seem weak and unconvincing instead.

”Cannabis may be a gateway drug to more harmful substances like heroin and cocaine” (ref 3)Although this statement comes from a very reliable source such as the BBC, it is a very weak point and is Unconvincing as the word ‘may’ implies the possibility of the information being wrong. This is also consistent with the point that I am making. Finally, after collecting all of the data that I have in this report, I have also come to a conclusion that alcohol has more negative aspects then Cannabis. I believe that it is safe to say that anyone who drinks alcohol is more of a criminal than a Cannabis smoker, and yet Cannabis is illegal and Alcohol is not. So if Alcohol becomes illegal then I would accept Cannabis as being Illegal, but as Alcohol is legal at the moment then I have no other choice but to think that Cannabis should be legalised.


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