Should drugs be legalized? Essay

Don’t you think people should be able to do what they like? We live in a world where millions of dollars are spent every year just to fight organized drug crime, murder, and corruption linked to drug abuse, this problem can be solved with one simple decision, legalizing drugs. The “should drugs be legalized” question has been debated for years.

But it is time to make a decision, to find a solution to all these problems, legalization. This would be away to control the use and abuse of drugs. Legalizing drugs would stop an enormous number of deaths and crimes all around the country as well as a great number of money intended for prevention of drugs and the fight against drug related crime.Drug legalization would benefit the country in many aspects one of them economically, this because it would transfer huge revenues of the government to other areas for example the money spent on fighting organized drug crime, law enforcement, could be better used to stop human trafficking for example. Furthermore legalization would increase the money made by the government because of the tax place upon the drugs.Another benefit of legalizing drugs would mean medical advantages. By making drugs legal scientific research on drugs will help the fall of drug related diseases and may also help cure diseases like cancer.A legal market would mean that users of drugs will get a better quality and less harmful drug.

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This is because if it were legal producers making the drugs in controlled environments the drugs would have a less chance to be mixed with other harmful substances. Another argument is that we would be able to control the supply of drugs. Minors would find it harder to purchase/consume drugs due to an authorized legal establishment selling the drug. By doing this you are sure that the product you are buying has passed quality control. There could also be supervised places to consume the drugs. Like a pub but for drugs. This can be a controlled environment and therefore there is less probability of any problems happening.If I choose not to exercise or eat bad foods, drink a lot of alcohol and smoke many packs of cigarettes everyday, then that is my business and the government states it as “lifestyle” under the law.

However, if I eat right, exercise, don’t smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol but occasionally pull some cones, I am a lawbreaker, a criminal. To me this doesn’t make sense. My body belongs to me, not to the government or to anyone else. Whatever I want to do should be my business. I am not asking for government handouts I am just asking to be left alone to do what I choose. If I choose to take drugs that should be an option that I can decide for myself, choosing whether or not to listen to what others have to say.

In conclusion, legalization of drugs will definitely stop a great amount of deaths and crime involving drugs will decrease enormously swell as the illegal drug market in bringing back peace and security. It will also mean large amounts of savings that will be sent to other more important governmental area such as such as health or education. In my opinion drug legalization is a good option that we should consider.


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