Should smartphones be allowed in school

Should smartphones be allowed in school?
Smart phones are a common thing over used by most students all around the world. Since the smartphone was so addicting to the students it caused a lot of problems for the student’s future. Therefore, many schools have banned the phones from the classrooms as it may occurs distractions. Instead of having the teachers banning smart phones, the smartphones can be used for good purposes as in educational purposes.

I personally believe that the smartphones are great invention that has been made. But the phones should only be allowed in the classroom of it is for educational purposes. As the smartphones comes with amenities as an online browser and much more it can be so useful in school as in the mathematics. For an example if the schools don’t provide good supplies as a good advanced calculator the student should be allowed to use it if they get the permission from the teacher.
If there is ever an emergency the kids need to be able to contact their parents immediately. If the school were to have a lockdown how would the kids, contact their parents to come get them. When most people here smartphone the first thing that comes to mind is fancy gizmos and games. It would be better if the school provided a phone without any games, or fancy gizmos for emergencies. This is what I believe about smart phones

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