Should Teachers Be Allowed to Ban Laptops in Classrooms? Essay

Should Teachers Be Allowed to Ban Laptops in Classrooms? I know some college teachers are starting to ban laptops from classrooms. I think that laptops should not be banned. Yes, some students surf the web or play games in class, but that doesn’t mean the rest of us who use laptops responsibly should be punished for the actions of a few. In this essay I will argue that using laptops is a right that teachers should not infringe upon. For starters, many of us who have grown up with computers have very poor handwriting and sometimes our fingers get sore if we have to use a pen to write a lot.

That’s why I like to take notes on my laptop, I can type much faster than I can write, and I can keep my notes organized in one place. A second argument for laptops is that students should have a right to take notes as they choose. We pay good money for our courses and we all have different learning styles, so we should be free to choose the methods that work best for us. Teachers complain that having a laptop is too much temptation for some students.

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They just can’t keep themselves from browsing Facebook or playing solitaire in class, so they don’t pay attention and miss out on important information or don’t participate in class discussions. To this I say that college students are adults and need to be treated as adults, and that means they should take responsibility for their own education. If someone wants to chat on Facebook all day let him, it’s his choice to fail, not the teacher’s. In conclusion, I feel strongly that laptops should not be banned from classrooms. Laptops may be a distraction for some students, but that’s not a good enough reason to ban them.


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