Should teenagers get part time jobs? Essay

Every teen must go through the transition to become a responsible adult, a mature person and a community servant. It has always been believed that in order to transform into the latter, a teen must learn self reliant and independency which can be obtained by applying for a part time job. However, it was argued in the article, Working at McDonalds, by Amitai Etzioni, whether part time jobs are the answer to every parent prayer. Etzioni reveals interesting points that some parents, if not all, might not have considered before.

Actually, I believe that teens part time jobs are not as a wonderful idea as it sounds. Fast food industry is the one comes to the teenage mind when approaching a job. Such jobs rely a lot on repetition where creativity has no place in the map. From flipping burgers to cleaning the grill, a teen worker would not have the opportunity to gain a lot of knowledge or even to have a space for an idea to share. Etzioni referred to the “cash register” example to support his argument stating that such skills are “insignificant” as it would take for example 20 minutes to be learned, which is the ugly truth.

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If there is one thing teens should develop to become better workers in the future, it would be creativity as the world we live today is rapidly changing. Globalism and Technological innovations have a huge influence on what kind of workers are needed nowadays. Creative people are definitely among the most needed ones. These part time jobs also have a major risk on high school kids as it would affect their school performance. Between school classes and the long hours such jobs demand, teens could neglect assignments while spending their free time at work.

They could also miss classes which will affect their grades. However, this represents one side of the risk as dropping of school is in the air as well. In addition, Etzioni provided an adequate evidence that part time jobs can alter a teen’s life completely. The evidence, which is a study made to compare those who have worked during high school and those who have not, shows a positive results in favor of the none workers. They represent twice the employment rate of those who have worked.

This number indicates that part time job as not as fancy as we may think. A crucial point worth mentioning also is the unfavorable views of the work itself such part time jobs may convey to the teens. The tough organizational culture would definitely send the wrong messages to the teenagers, shaping their perceptions of what a job like. The work atmosphere play a major role in motivating the workers and indeed have an impact on their performance. “Blind obedience” is what Etzioni described the fast food workplaces method to deal with their employees.

He also pointed out to an important factor which is the missing ” role model”. Without a mature that can set an example to follow in the work place, a teen would never have someone to learn from. In conclusion, maturity is never tied to the job experience although it’s indeed considered a motive to become more responsible. And it definitely would not be reached by such misleading distracting way of work. Maybe in the futures robots will be invented to do this easy work which leads to the fact that our teenagers are being robotized in this kind of part time jobs.


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