Should the government institute a fat tax on fatty foods in stores and restaurants? Essay

It is no uncertainty that the universe has over the last decennary an dismaying addition in the figure of fleshy people. Such have been closely attributed to the addition in the rate of consumption of high fat and low nutrition nutrients and drinks. The American state in peculiar has declared its extremely increasing incidences of fleshiness among its citizens to be an epidemic. Statistical grounds has revealed that over 250. 000 deceases in America yearly are due to fleshiness related complications.

Besides found out is the fact that the authorities is passing over $ 100 billion every twelvemonth as wellness attention disbursals on fleshiness victims. It is in fact due to this ground that the authorities proposes to increase the revenue enhancements levied on sugar sweetened drinks and other diet drinks. However. it is to be noted that the steps to be taken by the authorities in contending the fleshiness epidemic should be comprehensive plenty to guarantee a sustainable solution to the job.

Therefore. harmonizing to the writer of this paper. as fats are obviously major cause of fleshiness. the authorities should establish a fat revenue enhancement on fatty nutrients in shops and eating houses. Though increased revenue enhancements have been historically imposed to what are otherwise perceived as iniquitous trade goods in the society such as intoxicant and coffin nails. our authorities should non supervise the failure of its aspirations to supply quality wellness attention to all. Obesity has obviously become one of the prima causes of the of all time increasing medical wellness attention costs in the American state.

With the many battles that the authorities of America is doing towards recognizing pending gross for its comprehensive wellness attention strategy. it should turn to from a point of guaranting wellness attention cost cuts. The cost of forestalling a disease has ne’er equaled the long clip cost of handling the disease. It is hence based on this statement that the authorities should work towards recognizing a sustainable solution to fleshiness which is endangering the sustainability of our wellness attention strategy.

This is merely possible if we discourage our citizens from overly utilizing fatty nutrient by increasing the overall costs of such nutrients. Statistical grounds has shown that addition in the rate of usage of fatty nutrients is chiefly due to their comparatively inexpensive monetary values compared to other alimentary nutrients. Still noted is that such are normally available owing to their mass production in America every bit good as their being easy to fix. All these reveal that enforcing higher revenue enhancements on such merchandises will obviously deter citizens from taking them often.

By enforcing high revenue enhancements on fatty nutrients eating houses. they will decidedly increase their nutrient monetary values therefore detering costumiers from frequent visits to the eating houses. Still to be claimed is that given the decreased consumer demand for fatty nutrients both shops and eating houses will happen other alimentary nutrients more profitable. It is merely by this that such nutrients will be reduced both in production and ingestion rates. It is to be noted here that scientific research claim that fatty nutrients should be taken on occasion.

So. such decrease will merely cut down the wellness hazards that are marked with inordinate consumption of fatty nutrients. In decision. it should be the duty of our authorities to guarantee sustainable wellness to all its citizens. Therefore. given the of all time increasing rates of fleshiness and its wellness attention costs in American. the authorities should establish a fat revenue enhancement on fatty nutrients in shops and eating houses. It is merely by this that the proposed new wellness attention strategy can be sustainable.


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