Sickle cell anemia and alcohol Essay

Name Institution Introduction Sickle cell anemia is a hereditary disorder that affects countries that were previously affected by malaria – mostly the African Americans and Hispanic Americans (Inland, 2013). The people suffering from this disorder have in the past had barriers to access vital health information and care since it was not covered by the affordable act. At the same time, the disorder has had psychological, social, cultural and economic impact on the victims, mostly because of their social and the economic status (Inland, 2013).

Despite this fact, steps have been made and the current situation has seen Incredible changes in the provision of healthcare on the people with sickle cell disorder. The aim of this paper Is to evaluate the economic Impacts of sickle cell anemia on adult clients In terms of accessing health care and health insurance and the susceptibility of the disease to engage in substance abuse. The population affected by the SAD has been facing economic challenges especially because they could not have been able to maintain adequate medical care and health cover (Gilbert, 1986).

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The lower states of the African American had in the past created a barrier to the possibility of addressing the disorder. In the past, despite the disorder requiring routine medical checkups and in some situations, acute care and hospitalizing, many people were not able to afford the necessary care because there was lack of insurance coverage as they could not afford the premiums required to cover the act (Gilbert, 1986). In the contemporary times, measures have been taken to address the patients with sickle cell anemia (Park, 2013).

Since the signing of he sickle cell control act In 1941 and the amending of the affordable care act In 2011 In favor of the sickle cell patients, new opportunities have been created for those suffering from sickle cell anemia in that they can now enjoy and access the 2013). According to the current affordable act, sickle cell anemic patient are not discriminated upon and the young adults with sickle cell anemia can stay on their insurance scheme.

Susceptibility to engage in substance abuse Adults who engage in drug and substance abuse are most likely to compromise their lath as well as the health of others. The treatment of patients with sickle cell anemia and those who engage in substance abuse is quite difficult mostly because it compromises the ability of the caregiver to diagnose and treat the complications that the disease may bring. This is because substance tolerant patients do not respond Nell to therapy and may portray the signs of serious complications (Balls, 2005).

Patients with sickle cell anemia and those who engage in substance abuse also complicate their health because some drugs like Unfeminine when regularly used, ay lead to seizures and withdrawal effects (Lander et, al. , 2003). Conclusion Sickle cell anemia is a disorder that has affected many people. Barriers have existed that prohibited many of the affected patients to access health care mainly because of the economic and social backgrounds of the patients. Despite this fact, a lot has been made after the passing of the sickle cell act and many people can now afford SAD treatment.


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