Silver by Walter de La Mare Sample Essay

SilverSlowly. mutely. now the MoonWalks the dark in her Ag shoon ;This manner. and that. she peers.

and seesSilver fruit upon Ag trees ;One by one the casements catchHer beams beneath the silvery thatch ;Couched in his doghouse. like a log.With paws of Ag sleeps the Canis familiaris ;From their shady cote the white chests peepOf doves in Ag feathered sleepA crop mouse goes scurrying by.With silver claws. and silver oculus ;And moveless fish in the H2O glow.By Ag reeds in a Ag watercourse.

Walter John de la Mare. ( April 25.

1873 – June 22. 1956 ) was an English poet. short narrative author. and novelist. Many of his verse forms and narratives were for kids. though he believed that there is no such thing as a good verse form for kids.

merely a good verse form that kids can understand. Poem ‘Silver’ is written in free poetry. It’s consist 14 lines. including the words silvery and silver-feathered. It’s lyric. It’s remainder for kids.

It’s cradlesong. Its consist Pyrrhic ( äâóñëîæíàÿ áåçóäàðíàÿ ñòîïà â ÿìáå èëè õîðåå ; in 10. 11. 12.

13. 14 lines ) . Its former aide ( äîáàâî÷íûé ) word and they do non articulate. In the preposition ( ïðåäëîã ) in article subsidiary do non except any ordinal emphasis ( unstressed ) as to rime.

mail rhymes its mail. It’s described Moon and dark and its behaviour. It’s around hanger ( full Moon ) . It’s cold. sometimes it’s brilliantly manner.

The Moon is personified. The Moon treated like a life being. It’s chief character. We can see her action. its created verbs. airss pronounce. The really feminine Moon in this poem coppices everything with her pess. or with her glimpse.

In the 14 line. ‘By silver reeds in a Ag stream’ the visible radiation on the H2O is being compared to cherished metal-transformed by the touch of a personified. female Moon. The Moon transformed. All objects in silver imaginativeness at dark. The Moon draws here positively.

It’s conveying beauty at the dark. The word Ag is used 10 times. it’s wander to underscore the calmest. charming power of the Moon. because the Moon is like Ag and non like gold ( it means cold colour ) . Gold –it’s like during twenty-four hours ( heater ) .

The cardinal word of the text is silver. It has been found for 10 times in 14 lines. including the words ‘silvery’ and ‘silver-feathered’ . Furthermore it is the rubric of the verse form.

Ocular image of Ag is supported and intensified by the name ‘white’ and the word ‘gleam’ . The whole image consists of inside informations. The poet describes the chief characteristics of the state. And merely with a aid of Reconstruction it is possible to specify that the Moon radiances on the garden. house. pace and field. But there’s no word garden itself.

there’s is merely fruit and trees.Furthermore the first word precedes ( ïðåäøåñòâîâàòü ) the 2nd 1: foremost of all we see fruit and merely after that we notice trees. There’s no word house or bungalow. there are merely it’s parts: casements ( îêîííàÿ ñòâîðêà ) and thatch ( êðîâëÿ ) . There’s no pace. we merely can conceive of it.

because there’s dog’s doghouse ( êîíóðà ) and columbarium ( ãîëóáÿòíÿ ) mentioned. Meadow and field near the house are shown merely through inside informations such as crop mouse and H2O glow where fish slumber in Ag reeds in Ag watercourse. Such word picture of nature scenes is called metonymy. when the whole image is shown through characteristic inside informations. Everything she sees in the verse form is kiping: Canis familiaris.

Dows. and fish. except mouse. the crop mouse. which sidelong suggests Ceres. the goddess of the crop. she doesn’t slumber at dark she collected nutrient. Dog slumber in his cannel it can be in a small town ( state house with the garden where slumber Dows ) .

Besides mouse lived in the field it means that near the house there is field. Magic some sort ideal image ( with silent and piece ) . All animate being shows the thought of kiping.

Epithet ( its delivery rimes in the verse form ) .Name can besides be identified as a particular instance of metonymy in the quality of the taking method of constructing of the text. The name Ag is related to the inside informations. fragments: Ag fruit.

silvern thatch. paws of Ag. Ag claws. The lone exclusion is the 2nd line. where Ag is used non to demo the image of existent life. but as a metaphor.

depicting the image off the Moon. ‘going through the dark in her Ag shoon’ . And even in this instance the poet holds the selected method of description through a item: there is no silver Moon ; there are merely silver places of the Moon.

Shoon – an absolute signifier ( maintain the rimes ) . The word shoes is of course and shoon convey some charming beauty. enigma. Shadovy ( something cryptic or secret. domain of thaumaturgy. because it’s a poetic word. Silver feathered sleep – it’s poetical word and other is occasional word ( idiosyncrasy- ideality of the writer manner.

Lender. delicate. behaves the thaumaturgy. And general words.It’s most coloured positively.

We see that the whole text is written in one and the same poetic mode ; it’s separation of inside informations or marks. while the whole image is non divided into separate parts. but on the reverse is distinguished by fantastic integrity. The construction of the verse form is united by one and the same mode and the image.

expressed in the verse form is united by the ocular image of the Ag visible radiation. Semicolon individual the terminal of the description. the alterations objects seen.

debut the seen all this are into connected of the powerful thaumaturgy. This verse form connected of the action the word Ag helps. Slowly. mutely –is enjambement ( èíäæåìåí ) .Stylistic devices:1 ) Simily – the dog slumbers like a logThe Moon has strong thaumaturgies that the dog slumbers like a log.

2 ) Epithet compound – ‘shadovy cote’ .Epithet – Ag feathered ; silver fruit ; silver shoon ; silver present. Agtrees ; silvern thatch ; silver claws ; silver oculus ; silver reeds ; silver watercourse.

3 ) Metonymy:“casements”- the portion of window.“thatch” – roof.“Dog’s kennel” .“dovecote” .“harvest mouse” .“water gleam” .“silver reeds” .“silver stream” .


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