Since God could not be everywhere, He created women Essay

“Since God could not be everywhere, He created women! ” For centuries, the battle of the sexes has been at a constant. Women have always been considered inferior, when in reality men cannot function without them. There are many differences between men and women but women complete the male sex and make up for the characteristics men fail to have. Women are passionate, nurturing, social and patient human beings who make this world a better place to live in! It was once said, “emotions are the furnace of the brain.A woman’s natural emotional expressions stem from their empathy, one’s capacity to experience and understand the feelings of others. Both men and women feel a variety of emotions in their lives; both feel them with intensity and regularity.

Yet the ability to express these emotions is one of the many special characteristics of a woman. Men always restrain their feelings, where as women express them on a daily basis. A perfect example is children, how many boys do you see playing with dolls and playing games where they have to express their emotions?When growing up, girls have always been the ones who want to play house, dress up and Barbie’s. Boys have always played with trucks and guns and action figures. The male sex refuses to express their emotions because when expressing ones emotions you are in touch with your feminine side. It is a proven fact that women are more emotional than men are, and women are more willing to express their emotions. In 1992, female doctors averaged ninety-seven patients per week, while men averaged one hundred and seventeen patients per week.As you can see there is a significant difference between the two averages, why? Women take an extra ten minutes to spend with their patients.

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Women are more likely to treat the whole patient, rather than just symptoms of disease; women will nurture their patients’ back to health. Unlike men, women spend more time to LISTEN, to console and to understand their patients on a deeper level; a level where the male sex will never be able to, and are unwilling to comprehend. Women are superior listeners when compared to men.For example, mothers can tell from the slightest whimper, sigh, or sounds of troubled breathing, a woman can distinguish among these inchoate sounds to know whether her child needs sleep, to be fed, needs a diaper change or even just a cuddle. When their children grow up, women can tell from the sound of their children’s voice if something is wrong, if their children are in trouble or if their children are lying. I know when I lied to my parents, my mom would always know just from the tone of my voice that I was lying. Men just do not have the capacity to listen and be perceptive at this level.Who hears the water faucet dripping as husband and wife drift off to sleep? The woman! Women also have larger attention spans, therefore can listen for longer periods of time and are able to give one hundred percent of their attention to the person in need of help.

When asking a man for help or advice, men tend to zone out into their own little worlds, which is just typical of men! Psychologists Eleanor Maccoby and Carol Nagy Jacklin report; “women throughout human history are perceived as the more nurturing sex, and are more likely than men to perform tasks that involve the intimate care-taking of the young, the sick and the infirm.If you recall the commercial for Dimetapp, their slogan is “Best recommended by Dr. Mom”, please note their slogan says “Dr. Mom” and not “Dr. Dad! ” Why would a multimillion company use this as their slogan? Why wouldn’t their slogan be “Best recommended by pediatricians”? I will tell you why, Dimetapp, a multimillion company, has established the fact that if “Dr. Mom” approves of their product, then mothers around the world will put their trust in their company.

This is why Dimetapp is a multimillion company.If Dimetapp can acknowledge this fact, why shouldn’t you? “Genius is nothing but a great aptitude for patience” says French naturalist Comte Georges-Louis Le Clerc de Buffon. Women of all ages have more of this precious virtue than men. In 1996, a gender poll was taken, men in various societies were asked whether patience was a dominant characteristic of men or women. Their response was women are the more patient sex, obviously! Living with a man is an act of patience in itself! How many times have women come home to house, which resembles more of a pigsty than a home?How many times have women remained patient with their husbands while they try to fix something which quite frankly does not need to be fixed? Women have to put up with the numerous “Tim the Tool Man Taylor’s” of this world.

How does a woman put up with so much and still remain sane? Through patience, and large amounts of it, might I add! Men do not even have the patience when putting things together to read let alone follow the instructions manual, you know you are impatient when! Even female chimpanzees for example, spend almost three times longer than males at tedious jobs such as cracking nuts and collecting insects.Why don’t male chimpanzees do these tedious and time-consuming jobs? These tedious tasks require patience, something that we all know, men simply do not have! Edmund Burke once said, “Our patience will achieve more than our force” This just proves that no matter how hard you work at something, if you do not have patience you will never see an outcome! According to Dr. Karen Berkley, a pain researcher at Florida State University, women see pain as a call to action, making it easier for them to overcome or relieve it.Studies on arthritis pain were presented at a conference of the National Institutes of Health; found that women are better at coping with the discomfort of arthritis while men are more likely to let it put them in a bad mood. Women have the greater tendency to identify pain and do something to stop their pain. For example, Dr. Karen Burkley says, women are more apt to prepare for pain from childbirth or surgery by seeking solutions in advance.

They learn to cope by using techniques such as relaxation or distraction or by seeking expert help. Men, however, tend to wait and get ambushed by pain and in result cope poorly with pain.Women not only have a higher tolerance for pain, but they are also psychologically stronger. I am sure you are familiar with the phrase, “Whatever does not kiss you, only makes a person stronger. ” Women have sustained years and years of inequality. There was a period in time when women were denied the right to vote, the right to an education and the right to work. Women’s human rights were violated for centuries, this has only made the female sex stronger and unconquerable.

All those decades of being treated inferior to the male sex lowered women’s self-confidence, self-dignity and self-respect.This just proves women can overcome any obstacle faced in their lives. “The nightingale will run out of songs before a woman runs out of conversation” The ability to communicate with written and spoken words is an essential part of life. When was the last time you actually witnessed tow men in the midst of a lengthily conversation on the phone? Women have superb linguistic abilities and are more social of the two sexes. Even at young ages, girls tend to speak earlier in childhood than boys do, and as infants do; girls tend to make more noises and sounds than boys do.Women were born to be social! Girls are three to four times less likely to stutter, and more than three times less likely to be dyslexic.

When psychologists reviewed six large surveys of gender differences conducted between 1960-1992, it was found that females excelled at several language skills in all three decades. Men speak more when they are in a formal group, particularly in a mixed group of men and women. Women on the other hand, do more talking at home and when they are with other women to strengthen connections with family or friends.

When I was given my first cell phone, my cell phone bills added up to one hundred and thirty to one hundred and fifty dollars a month. When my brother was given his first cell phone, his cell phone bills never exceeded the limit he was allowed to use. With every woman there lives a powerful force, filled with good instincts, passionate creativity, and ageless knowing which represent the instinctual nature of women. “If ever the world sees a time when women shall come together purely and simply for the benefit and good of mankind, it will be a power such as the world has never known! “


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