Working, studying or playing Essay

Sleep is one of the necessities of human life cycle.

Working, studying or playing on a daily basis requires sleep. For some reason, we don’t want to sleep or could not sleep, and that is considered not alright. Sleep deprivation has its price to pay. Adults need at least 8 hours of sleep in order to stay healthy, focused and active.

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Here are the effects of sleep deprivation which can affect our body and also our surroundings. Our bodies give us plenty of signals when we’re tired.The number of accidents, in static is rising and one of the reasons is because of sleep deprivation. Based on research, 1 in 5 motor accidents are caused by fatigue, an effect of sleep deprivation that causes weakness to the body. It degrades our performance in driving or any other work.

It is also said, from research, accidents caused by sleep deprived drivers have the same hazardous effect as drunk while driving. Suppose you are given a task and you don’t sleep or you sleep less due to certain reasons.Your performance in doing the task is decreased and the work will not be good or sloppy.

An example of an accident caused by fatigue is the horror accident at the Coherency Nuclear Power Plant, which is one of the worst nuclear disasters in history. The trouble started at 1. AMA on April 26th, 1996. The cause has been partially attributed to human error due to confusion and fatigue. Depression, a state of low need, can greatly affect our mentality and one of the causes of depression is sleep deprivation.Humans sleeping less than 5 hours a day will have symptoms of stress, anger, sadness or mental fatigue.

With depression, our moral Judgments are impaired. We became sensitive towards everyday problems that we can easily solve, and we are prone to anger, sadness and frustration than solving a particular problem. A depressed mind can sometimes be very hard to tackle and on of its natural cures, or prevention is sleep. University of Pennsylvania researchers found that subjects who were limited to only 4. Hours of leap a night for one week reported feeling more stressed, angry, sad, and mentally exhausted. When the subjects resumed normal sleep, they reported a dramatic improvement in mood.

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