Smoking: worth it or not? Essay

Imagine the disgusting fat that drips off the end of the harmful tobacco stick, full of thousands of carcinogens, and out of all the delights to indulge in around the world, you decide to put this in your mouth. Smoking is a topic no-one will ever understand, why do you teenagers even think of doing it?, Personally I think that is a bad idea to do so in the first place. Approximately 54% of teenagers around the UK decide that is a good idea to risk their life by smoking a “fag”.That’s Half of the UK’s teenage population!. I understand that some of these teenagers are not to blame for this disgusting habit, but I’m sure that you’ll agree there is still some hope for you to quit smoking. I will now be taking you on a journey that will help you understand why smoking is wrong, and it is vital that you consider these reasons carefully and decide whether you want to ruin your life, maybe even stop it from existing or take the wise man’s route and decide to stop.

One of the reasons is that Independent scientists have shown that the filthy habit has an impact on your appearance, I’m sure you would want a girlfriend or a future wife, but c’mon, If you look like Shrek, you chances of finding someone has just fallen. Scientists have also proven that the perpetual smoke that leaks away from your mouth after depositing harmful tar in your lungs is a burden to you skin, Dermatologists say that the poisonous chemicals are easily absorbed by the particles in the skin which results in dry skin and wrinkles. You don’t want to look like a 50 year old man or woman at the age of 16 do you?In-addition smoking has caused recent debates within what health issues it manages to undertake.

Some say smoking does not harm, more recent scientific evidence shows smoking does. The number of key issues that associates with smoking includes lung cancer, mouth cancer and even you stamina starts to deteriorate. These are potentially life threatening diseases which can cause further problems in later life. I’m sure you don’t want these problems in your later life and I’m sure your parents don’t want this for you either and I’m definitely sure they’ll agree that you deserve better.

Furthermore smoking can lead to physiological impacts as well as the others. Fancied having a “fag” in school?, but you cant. I remember when i was in high school, everyday at break a group of boys make their way to the courts to satisfy their needs, those who couldn’t make it ended up with headaches which stopped them from leaning and would from lesson to lesson in a strop, and we both know that you care about your education.There are many ways in which you can still prevent your addiction to smoking from worsening, you’ve only just started. Ever tried nicotine patches?, It may have the capability of completely stopping your addiction to the tobacco in cigarettes and will definitely be able to have thrown the disgusting, horrid and gruesome habit out the window. So i suggest that you consider these disastrous effects of smoking and help it to change the way you live you life in the future.

Best of luck.


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