Social Justice in ”Romero” Sample Essay

“The authorities should non see a priest who takes a base for societal justness. as a politician. or a insurgent component.

when he is carry throughing his mission in the political relations of the common good” . – Oscar RomeroAcademy award Romero was non merely a adult male of love. dignified religion. heroism. and hope ; he was a adult male of societal justness. Social Justice is the equal right for every member of society. Oscar knew he had to support his people and if that meant deceasing. he was willing to make so.

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Academy award Romero was one of the most celebrated archbishops in the universe. He became archbishop of Salvador in 1980. and knew right so he was traveling to do his people proud by making whatever possible to derive back their societal justness. Romero was a surprise in history. The hapless ne’er expected him to take their side and the elites of church and province felt betrayed.

He was a via media campaigner elected to head the bishop’s episcopate by conservative fellow bishops. He was a spiritual pedant who was known to knock the progressive release divinity clergy so aligned with the destitute husbandmans seeking land reform. However. an event would take topographic point within three hebdomads of his election that would transform the frugal and timid Romero.Romero’s first spring of societal justness began when a both Priest. and friend died. On March 12.

1977. a immature male child. an old adult male. and Rutilio Grande ( the Priest ) were assassinated as they drove from Aguilares to El Paisnal for flushing Mass. When Archbishop Romero arrived that dark and saw the bloodstained organic structure of his friend. cryings flooded his eyes. In a flash. he realized Rutilio’s prophetic work for justness and peace was right.

that Rutilio. non himself had been faithful to the Gospel. It was at that turning point that Romero knew he had to be faithful to the Gospel and convey back societal justness to his people. He knew he had to halt detesting the guerillas and get down loving them. Like the stating. “Don’t hate the evildoer. detest the sin” that’s precisely what Romero demonstrated.

Romero both lived and died one dark in 1985. His nonviolent battle for justness for his people kept him traveling. His life message was a call to transition. solidarity with the hapless and a speech production of truth to power. He proclaimed life when the system around him demanded decease.

He announced peace when the authorities and the guerillas waged war. He exuded hope when desperation ruled the twenty-four hours. Because of this magnitude of spirit. he lives on in every Christian who enters God’s nonviolent battle for justness.

Academy award Romero was non merely a gift from God. but besides a gift for 1000000s. Without his love.

compassion. strong religion. and thrust for societal justness. there would be many more Salvadorans killed.

Romero believed everyone deserved societal justness and that’s precisely what he fought for.


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