Social media allows users to connect with friends and family conveniently

Social media allows users to connect with friends and family conveniently. Social media can be accessible anywhere with internet connection. And most people have internet connection. According to, “Social media can be used anywhere as long as there is internet connection.”This proves that kith and kin can connect through social media anywhere, so instead of texting next time, make sure to communicate via Snapchat or Instagram next time. Consequently, as ubiquitous social media is, the majority of the population has social media account. This adds convenience of finding most people on social media. This adds the convenience of finding most people on social media. Based on statistics from, 81% percent of Americans have social media. Social media’s frequent usage and popularity has made it an easy to use platform for many. Social media spreads information rapidly, make it suitable for sending fun moments.
Social media is handy and highly relevant to our modern society. The vast expanse of social media has both positive and negative impacts, but mostly positive. Employers and employees get to interact on LinkedIn while news media houses and individuals use Twitter to send and receive news and current information. Facebook is the most widely used social media as it is easy to use and has more users than the other platforms. Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Google+ among others are examples of web 2.0 applications that have enabled users to stay in touch and share various categories of information. The fact that social media applications provide for feedback makes them effective through for instance, “like” buttons, comment and messaging options among others which provide a chance for greater interaction. However, many shortcomings are equally associated with the use of social media, ranging from wastage of time to compromising on privacy. Writing an argumentative essay on social media is easy and enjoyable but it requires a settled, prepared, and confident mind.
Social media is way of expressing feelings for many teens and young adults. Many people consider social media an “outlet” to their mundane daily life.


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