Social Networking Questionnaire Sample Essay

The intent of this questionnaire is to obtain general information about any given persons and their societal networking wonts.

All the consequences gathered from this questionnaire will be used entirely for academic intents and can be seen in a research paper about the Uses and Maltreatments of Social Networking. The questionnaire in which you are about to take part in is for a concluding twelvemonth undertaking of a Computing Degree. It is conducted by Chris Bateson and involves inquiries sing Social Networking Societies. It will about take 5 proceedingss to finish the questionnaire. Engagement is optional and wholly voluntary.

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and you may retreat from this survey at any clip for any ground. The research worker assures confidentiality of your single consequences.You may have a transcript of this consent signifier upon petition. every bit good as the concluding consequences of the survey by reaching the research worker: listed below. Please take the clip to read and reply each inquiry carefully.

candidly and to the best of your ability. you may inquire any inquiries you might hold about this survey now or in the hereafter. By finishing and returning the questionnaire you are hereby giving full consent to utilize this information in this research undertaking.


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