Social psychology Essay

Social psychologySocial psychology is a broad subject that deals with how people interact with each other; this forms the basis of progression of the human society. The aspects of social psychology that need to be addressed in a society relate to prejudice, discrimination and diversity. A number of people in our society have faced bias due to their culture, religion and general way of life. The aspects of social psychology have changed the way people interact with each other in the society and especially at the elementary level.In my opinion, prejudice is an occurrence that tends to affect the relationship of individuals in our society this has led to the study of how different groups relate with each other; the study of the different groups has grown beyond racial or ethnic minorities to the cultural, occupational and political aspects that relate to those groups. In my point of view the most common type of prejudice that is associated with the inter group relations is racial prejudice, this is commonly exhibited by the strain in relations between the black and white person in the society (Myers, 2007).

I experienced this type of prejudice during the early years of my childhood ,the black people were discriminated upon by the white folks, I remember going to purchase ice cream, we were all queuing for the commodity but when the time came for the black child to be served he had to wait till all white children are served. Changes have however taken place in our society especially in the elementary school level; these changes have created awareness among the children belonging to various classes. The idea that has been emphasized in regard to this matter is unity in diversity in the classroom as a teacher in the elementary level  there is need to confront prejudice in the early childhood situations, this will make the children to coexist peacefully and therefore celebrate diversity. The relations between black children and white children has not been at the best level in my classroom, for a number of years students in my classroom from different backgrounds have looked at each other with prejudice at times terming them as strangers, there is need to create a problem solving scenario in the early childhood situation in order to ensure that the black child and the white child embrace each other.

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There are a number of myths that relate to racial prejudice in our society this may be in reference to capitalism whereby the impression that is in the public is that there is existence of equality among several racial groups in the society. Liberty is also purported to exist among between different groups in the economy. This is however overshadowed by true social relationships that dictate the relationships in the society this is based on ownership of property. The white person has been associated with the ownership of property while the black person has been associated with the creation of property for the white man basically through slavery. Capitalism therefore as a way of life proves the myth that the black man is constantly exploited as he attempts to create property for himself (Myers, 2007) These are important aspects of social psychology that need to be looked into. This will lead to a society that is more tolerant and accepts other groups especially the minority groups. Social psychology discourages the idea of creation of false impressions especially among the black society this is through equal treatment before the law and in common public places, but this makes the black person feel like he is free, this creates a situation whereby the black man things that he is free and in the real sense he may not be free. But the underlying factors show the problems that may be faced in a society that is inherently racially determined.

The economic bondage that comes with racial segregation can hinder the development of the black man, this is an issue is social psychology and people should strive to understand the difficulties the black man faces in the society. There is need to look into the aspects of racial psychology on the basis of improving group relations especially among minority communities in the country. (Appadurai, 1986)  Affirmative action is one of the important factors associated with securing of opportunities for the minority groups in the society. In social psychology it is argued that people need to be assisted in order to achieve their full potential, in this case the black man over the years has benefited from the advent of social psychology .Employment and job training has been more available to the black man as a result of this.The collectivist myth that is associated with racial bias is an aspect that needs to be explored in terms of social psychology .This myth generally claims that all black people regardless of their location and status in life are victims while all white people in the society are the oppressors.

This is a wrong notion that needs to be addressed. Another myth that is currently present in our society is that black people are generally lazy. This is evident in a number of situations that I have encountered (Myers, 2007) .My neighbor refused to higher a black nanny years a go as a result of the notion in her mind that she would not perform equally as well as the white nanny. The best way to deal with this kind of notion is to understand the reasoning behind this kind of thinking and in this is where social psychology comes in handy in addressing the various issues that arise in the society.Social psychology also tends to look at sexuality in our society and the way different groups relate to each other especially relating to how they treat each other sexually.

A number of minority groups in the United States have suffered from unfair treatment from the indigenous people. A key example is the Asian Americans women who are thought of as getting a free ride at the expense of the Asian Man, the American society views Asian women as beautiful and sexy and need rescuing from the claws of the Asian men in the society. In my point of view this is a problem that can be solved by looking at the reasoning of the various groups of people associated with this type of misconception. The Asian women are perceived as playing a complimentary role in the society especially in advancing the ideas of the white man, the Asian man is sidelined in a number of activities pertaining the Asian Woman, this brings into light the need to enhance inter group respect and appreciation which is part of social psychology.

In my classroom situation there is need to understand how the children perceive gender equity and how they can deal with the issues relating to boy girl relationships, this will ensure that children respect each other. The relationship between boys and girls in my classrooms goes beyond the educational need but also the societal values. The focus on individual development in the society does not produce gender equity and therefore the advantages of this diversity will not be achieved. There is need for schools to determine how well they address gender issues in the society this might be in regard to gender violence, gender bullying and gender harassment.Social anxiety in my view is a problem in our society that is yet to be fully understood and appreciated as a concern. There is need to understand the importance of social psychology in the understanding of social anxiety.

Social phobia is the fear of situations that an individual may think will lead to embarrassment; this will provoke an anxiety response from the individual. Individuals with this disorder may not positively take and act on criticisms; they may value themselves negatively and in the process take rejection from individuals in a negative manner. (Myers, 2007) .Individuals with this kind of disorder have a difficulties being assertive, they usually feel inferior compared to other people, they generally dislike being evaluated thus they do not like tests.

These individuals do not possess the right social skills this is as a result of anxiety in their environment. During my years in high school I interacted with different kind of persons from different backgrounds, it is during this period that I came across people who exhibited this kind of disorders. They would shy away from events that will require them to do something publicly as a result of the anxiety they associated with this activity, there level of growth compared to the rest of the students was generally low, they faced difficulties in grapping simple ideas and were generally shy of performing tasks that would evaluate their abilities.According to social psychology, social phobia can be reduced in a number of ways; this may include advising the affected to start practicing their social skills at a lower level especially with the people they know in their localities. (Myers, 2007)  This should be done by practicing appropriate social behaviour which includes maintaining eye contact especially while talking to people, establishing confident body posture, engaging in small talk, asking questions and most importantly smiling.This is then followed by thinking of some conversation starters which may include introduction of oneself, I may say hallo am peter from Nassau, and then followed by giving a compliment or asking a question this tends to set the mood and the tone for the appropriate conversation.

Rehearsing of what one wants to say is important in ensuring that the effects of the disorder are lessened. This usually happens whenever an individual is planning on saying something that really makes him shy, this may be a telephone call to specific people that he has a general fear for. It is important for shy people to develop their assertiveness in the society as a means of getting rid of the fear that comes with associating with people in the society.

(Appadurai, 1986)  There is also need to find group activities where you can give yourself a chance to develop  by having discussions with people whom you share the same interests with this will provide an ideal ground for socializing with new people thus  getting to know and understand their way of life.Communication is a means by which people exchange ideas and information among themselves. It is necessary to ensure that the aspect of exchange of knowledge is emphasized in the society; this is because communication is a key factor in social psychology.

Good communication skills is fundamental for the development of good healthy relationships in the society ,relationships are an important part of the human nature that it is necessary to ensure that they are maintained through enhancing of appropriate communication techniques. There is need to use the right kind of words for any situation that an individuals finds himself in order to relate the right kind of information to the recipients.Social psychology therefore advocates for the development of appropriate communication technologies this is through making direct eye contact with the person you are taking to this create interest which is necessary for the process of communication to take off, eye contact makes the other person to be interested in whatever one is saying ,the body language relates different type of information to the listener, this makes it absolutely necessary to ensure that the body language of an individual goes in line with the message that he is trying to put across, appropriate communication methods ensures that the agenda of social psychology is enhanced. Apple Inc is a company that deals with soft wares, the company faced challenges in the marketing and general promotion of their products as the customer base could not relate to their message. A number of people have lost out on business opportunities, meaningful relationships due to bogus communication techniques. This has affected the advancement of the ideas of social psychology in my view there is need for an educator to respect the child and family even though he may not be familiar with their culture and most appropriately there means of communication. (Appadurai, 1986)In my view Children should feel supported, encouraged, nurtured and most of all connected to the society in which they live; this can only be achieved if the programs that are put in place are in accordance to the aspects of social psychology. The issues that should be enhanced need to recognize that children are connected to their culture and this therefore affects their language, thus their means of communication.

There is need to appreciate the different kinds of ways in which children can express their capabilities in the environment without mastering the normal methods associated with communication.Social learning perspectives is an area that is greatly emphasized in social psychology as it tends to address the importance of  experiences that are different to the family, school and general society. In my view it is through acknowledging of these that we tend to understand the ways of life of different people in the society thus being able to advance the agenda of social psychology. The Afro Latinos leaving in New York are famous for their talents in the area of entertainment thus making it possible for some of them to make a decent living; this is the opposite of what they are thought of by the larger population. (Appadurai, 1986) They are considered as unable to attend to the basic requirements of their livelihood. The uniqueness of this group of people due to their various talents is an indication that the understanding of social psychology by a majority of the society is necessary in establishing good societal norms.There is need for individuals to pursue societal values as they will tend to bring them closer to each other thus creating a well knit society in the process.

There are a number of societal values that in my view need to be cultivated in individuals these are :Collaboration this may relate to community projects like community policing, Communication among different members of the community is equally important for individual, Concern for the well being of others should be cultivated in the community, Others include coordination, Integration Fairness ,brotherhood and harmony .In the community and specifically neighborhood I come from it has been almost impossible to achieve the required values that are needed in order to live in peace and harmony. (Atkins, 1991). The society is changing making people concentrate more on themselves than on the overall well being of the society. Aspects of the Social psychology tends to advocate for individuals to reach a compromise on advancing individual agendas while at the same time paying attention to  societal needsThe cultivation of this kind of values begins at an early age thus the need for teachers especially those in early childhood education to ensure  that the children are well taught, nurtured and advised.

In my understanding the earliest years of a child are the most critical to its development and how the child will  interact with other people in the society this therefore means that the negative aspects of a child’s behaviour such as gender stereotyping must be broken quite early in a child’s future (Appadurai ,1986) . this will make the child embrace the diversity that comes  as a result of gender .This can be achieved when the aspects of  social psychology are accurately looked into with the sole purpose of improving life.In my view the aspects of social psychology should be developed into the curriculum dealing with children this is an important strategy in ensuring diversity in early childhood education bears resemblance to social psychology; the curriculum enables the child to grow in a healthy manner exhibiting full potential at every stage. The curriculum should be able to enhance development of an intelligent and confident child who is capable of interacting with people in a good way in the society ( Atkins, 1991).The child should be able to think critically about the deficiencies that exist in the society and the methods that can be used in dealing with this deficiencies The foundation of creating an appropriate curriculum lies in the belief that every human being deserves to be treated with respect regardless of the gender, economic class or race .Social psychology offers insight into how people are supposed to live with each other based on understanding, respect and the overall good of the society.

The application of the aspects of social psychology has revolutionized the relationships between individuals especially in the elementary school levels. The children tend to appreciate and love each other.References:Atkins, K. (1991). Health, illness, disability, Oxford University press, (1) 208-789Appadurai, Arjun, the Social Life of Things: Commodities in Cultural Perspective.                     Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

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