Social Studies Sba Essay

There are many people who have contributed positively to this assignment and without which it would non be successful. First the Researcher expresses gratitude to the Almighty God who provided the cognition and strength for the completion of this survey. To the undermentioned individuals who have contributed in assorted ways: -Miss Samuel. instructor of Social Studies at the Jose Marti Technical High School.

who provided counsel throughout this survey. -The members of my household who gave me the push and supply the resources needed to make this research confidently.I.

Populating in the community of Seaview Gardens for 16 old ages. the Researcher observed the figure of males within the community who are indulged in legion relationships. In other words.

they have multiple spouses. and there is no uncertainty that these spouses are deemed sex spouses. This has been of great concern. bearing in head the serious effects there are holding multiple sex spouses.

There are legion commercials that speak against this behavior as the authorities seeks to cut down the high wellness measure that the state faces. Additionally. the community has been coping with the figure of violent activities that have occurred over a figure of old ages due to person’s engagement in multiple relationships. Persons have besides lost their lives in cases and there are many broken relationships ensuing in unstable places due to this sedate societal issue.This has become a great concern to the Researcher as there are a figure of kids who are shacking in the community and it is frequently said that kids live what they learn. The Researcher. in her command to make some grades of stableness to the community.

decided to transport out a research in order to find what are the causes and effects of male promiscuousness in the Seaview Gardens Community. Kingston.It is hoped that at the terminal of this survey. specific steps may be taken to educate the community in a command to make a new vision for a new and stable life style. As a consequence. the findings and recommendations will be frontward to the state Youth Clubs Presidents so that workshops and public run may be to educate the occupants about societal issue that is impacting households within the community.


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