Social studies spain Essay

Spain were very greedy/ selfish and they didn’t care for anybody other than their selves and their king. Spain also forced the natives into slavery because they refused to convert to Christianity. The Spanish colonization was very untrustworthy and they were all about tricking people just to get what they wanted. Spain was greedy/ selfish, forceful, and untrustworthy. People from Spain were greedy and selfish people. The natives said that, “Columbus would give span all the gold they needed, and as many slaves as they asked for.

Spain didn’t do much on their own. They had slaves and servants. The natives said that, “Two Christians thought that it would be fun to take parrots and behead two boys for fun. ” They TLD care for anybody other than themselves. Once again, Spain was very selfish and greedy. Spain was very forceful towards the natives. Spain said, “We want the natives to convert to Christianity (our religion), but they refused so we’re making them be our slaves. ” Lass Cases said, “The Indians had no religion, or at least no temples. This made Spain upset that they had no elision so that’s why they wanted the natives to become Christians. Because of the fact that the natives were slaves for Spain, Spain became stronger than them and grew more powerful and could force the natives to do anything they wanted them to do. Due to this evidence, I can conclude that Spain was very forceful. Spain was untrustworthy and it made it hard for the natives to know who to trust. People from Spain said, “We wanted to please our king so sometimes we would attack the Indians. Some other people even said, Because Spain was untrustworthy, when the natives got sick, they would end up suffering and dying because they didn’t know who to turn to for help. ” Spain would try to trick the natives into thinking that they were there for them when really they Just wanted to turn on them In the end and make them die.


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