Society viewed Millennials as lazy

Society viewed Millennials as lazy, entitled, selfish and apathetic. Being the black sheep in society eyes, the truth is, they are more than just what others viewed them to be. Millennials do care about the environment and society around them, putting in an effort, contributing to a greater good. In this short article, I wish to explore further into the social and environmental impact millennials played a part in.
Based on the survey conducted by Deloitte’s Millennial Survey 2017, it is evident that out of 8,000 respondents, more than 50 percent of them feel responsible for social issues. (David Pang, 2018) This is due to the readily available communication channels such as Twitter and Facebook, millennials are more aware of the world issues occurring. In other words, they are more socially conscious. With just one touch, they will be able to access and distribute information. Being well-informed and socially conscious encourages millennials to work in an organization that makes a positive contribution to the society. This drives many organizations to shift their focus towards engaging and helping the community as they realize relying on salary to attract millennials is no longer effective.
OCBC Bank is an excellent example in this case. They collaborated with their customers on a food waste-composting project as well as providing eggs to 2,500 needy families, helping those in need. (Navin Sregantan, 2018)
Together with the Deloitte’s Millennial Survey 2017 which indicated a total of 77 percent millennials involved themselves in a charity or good cause (Deloitte, 2017), the National Youth Survey 2016 has also shown that 65 percent of youth participated in at least one civic activity within the 12 months of 2016. (Bryant Chan, 2017)
Millennials find different ways to give back to society, one of the ways involves using their own talents. Shanice Elizabeth, who is a dancer for 9 years, choose to teach the disadvantaged youth through the SCAPE’s ResiDANCEy programme instead of participating in dance battles or performances. (Ministry of Culture, Community, and Youth, 2018) Her contribution has help youth build their characters and confidence, helping them to integrate back into the society.
From the bare surfaces without diving in deeper, Millennials may appear to be the black sheep. However, the truth is, Millennials are impacting the society every day in their own capabilities and interests, tackling community and environmental issues. All these small efforts create the ripple effect.


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