Sociology Reseach Proposal – Young Black Girls Are More Devient Than Young White Girls Essay

Firstly my hypothesis is based around deviance, this means behaviour that most or all people disapprove of in the society. Such behaviour will not conform to the society’s norms and values. Norms, you will remember are unwritten rules for behaviour and are based on values which define what is thought of as good and right in society. When behaviour is serious and strongly disapproved, there will probably be law against it.The reason for choosing my hypothesis was because the media is an interesting topic to do your coursework on, not just because of this but because when I look at any agents of the media (e.g.

newspaper, television, magazines etc.) I see black girls being portrayed as deviant and violent, as white girls are portrayed as posh, smart and beautiful.The reason that this is happening in society for my hypothesis to come true is because the way the media portrays black girls, compared to the way they advertise white girls, it is totally different. Some black families are socialised different to white families, the girls might be treated different, and I will test this by doing questionnaires about how the girls are treated at home, both in the black family and in the white family.CAGE- Culture, Age, Gender and EthnicityPFERM- Peer Groups, Family, Education, Religion and Mass MediaEthnicity does relate to my hypothesis because black girls and boys are treated differently compared to white boys and girls.

Black people in general are portrayed in the mass media as being violent and rude; this is due to the rap artists who glamorise guns and violence unintentionally in their videos and song lyrics. The media then labels all black people for being violent. For example at school black girls live up to the name of being “violent” (Self Fulfilling Prophecy).Family relates to my hypothesis because in some families they are lone parents with children, trying to look after them independently.

The children usually go through a rebelling stage, mostly the girls, and they start to turn deviant, committing crimes and breaking the law, also there are more black lone parent families than white.Education comes into my hypothesis because in the school all girls are pressured by their peers to do things, most of the time black girls are pressured to steal and fight to stand their ground and to be ‘popular’. White girls are pressured too, but not as much as black girls, this is why we see black girls committing more crimes in the news. Also in the school black children have less of an opportunity to learn (in some cases, in some schools racism is the cause of this) they then turn to crime and deviance and get excluded from school, and this is when they fail in education.

METHODOLOGY:In my coursework I will use a questionnaire to find my results. I will use a questionnaire because I think it is the best way to get reliable results as it will be anonymous, so people are less likely to be scared of getting into trouble. The advantages of using this method are that I will be able to disperse my questionnaire to large amount of people at the same time, making it not time wasting. Another advantage is that it does not cost very much as all I need to do is ask people to fill it in. The disadvantages of using a questionnaire, is people may lie to sway my findings, or to cover their past mistakes. For example they might think that I am trying to set them up, and not trust me enough to give me real answers. Another disadvantage is that I may have a low response rate.

If the respondents that do my questionnaire do not understand a question they may leave it blank, which will then affect my results terribly as that might have been the one answer to say whether my hypothesis was correct or incorrect.My questionnaire will produce closed question answers. For example, “Have you ever bullied someone? -Yes or No?” I think I have quite a high validity as this coursework is directed at youths who will take part in my questionnaire. Lastly I think that my results will be truthful, because my reliability is be high.


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