Sociology: Social Cliques in High School Sample Essay

Most every high school in America has its ain set of “cliques” or societal castes whose members mingle largely within the one coterie. Many schools have alone groups harmonizing to the country such as “surfers” . “snow bunnies” . and “hicks” mentioning to people who surf. snow ski/board. or take on more rural expressions.

However. most schools portion some common groups such as “preppies” who are normally the upper category pupils with more money. “goths” who are earmarked by their normally black apparels and organic structure piercings. “geeks/nerds” who are the scholarly pupils.

“jocks” who participate in athleticss and school activities. and normally “cheerleaders” make up their ain coterie although most frequently belonging to the preppie group. No affair how incorporate one may believe their school is.

it is more than probably that upon closer observation the favoritism between groups will go rather clear. After all. societal coteries are a normal and healthy stage of adolescent life that assistance in the acquisition of societal norms and general cultural patterns.

Many pupils interviewed by Matt Tabor. a confederate for World Wide Web. ihigh. com.

hold that something every bit careless as who a kid is placed following to on the first twenty-four hours of kindergarten can find that child’s hereafter coterie rank. A child’s earliest comrades will shortly take them through center and high school. finding what caste they will go portion of along the manner. These coteries are the dynamic forces behind societal designs in the high school scene ; the coterie you’re in determines whom you associate with.

what activities you’re involved in. and whether or non your high school experience is a happy one ( Kick That Clique. 2000 ) .

The job of the “clique” is get downing earlier than of all time. Because kids are brought into societal scenes at ages every bit immature as two old ages. they are thrust into a universe that is prepping them for the old ages in front. Children are larning at a really immature age that suiting in is a good feeling and is rather easy to make with the right networking accomplishments. Most kids are besides larning that acquiring what they want gets easier the more superior of a place they hold on the “clique nutrient chain” . What this produces are manipulative kids willing to morph into whatever form is needed at that peculiar clip. The person is lost before it even has clip to develop and bloom.

In earlier surveies the household was found to be the chief beginning of a child’s sociological development. nevertheless societal scientists are proposing that the venue of children’s individuality is switching from the household to their equal groups at an ever-younger age harmonizing to sociologist Patricia Adler. co-author of Peer Power: Preteen Culture and Identity. “Kids derive their individuality from their location in these friendship circles. ” she says ( Cliques Make Fitting In a Tough Task in High School.

2001 ) .Every school is alone in how its population is broken down into coteries. nevertheless there is a common subject among most hierarchies ( Kick That Clique. 2000 ) . The popular coterie is the largest. perchance incorporating overlapping subgroups around a leader and possibly a best friend. The position of the remainder of the group fluctuates.

Closed and sole. these groups are the cool childs whose leader can project other members out. “You come in holding a bad hair twenty-four hours. or state something incorrect. and the leader turns against you. And it’s like links on a concatenation. If the leader turns.

everyone else does. ” Patricia Adler says. Smaller groups of approximately five to 15 friends form much more democratic “friendship circles.

” They are less work to remain in. “If you did non speak the dark before with every individual member of the group. you can come in the following twenty-four hours and non experience the remainder will detest you. ” she says. Then there are the aspirants. those who hang out around the popular coterie. seeking even impermanent rank. And eventually.

there is a little group of true foreigners. stray childs who eat entirely in the lunchroom and hazard the lowest self-pride.Shannon Valley would differ that some childs are “totally” entirely. Virtually everyone will belong to a group finally.

she says. “There are the homeworks. the cheerleaders. the peasants. punks. ravers. homosexual coteries.

racial coteries. the monsters. headbangers. the smart coteries.

the whole Bohemian type. Cipher is wholly entirely. Even the foreigners have a loser coterie. ” says Valley. 15.

of Houston. Being popular normally involves different traits for male childs and misss. The No. 1 demand for immature male childs is athletic ability. Patricia Adler says. “And there is a imperturbability. a stamina.

a demand to pattern this butch maleness to turn out themselves. ” For misss. it is “first expressions. and so apparels.

socioeconomic position. ” The dislocation mirrors traditional gender functions. she says. “Men are socialized to accomplish. and misss to catch a adult male. ” Other experts stress that popularity is non ever the key: Belonging is. to some group — sometimes. to any group ( Cliques Make Fitting in a Tough Task for Teens in High School.

2001 ) .The dangers and menaces of coteries in high schools are all but unknown. Many school related calamities have been traced back to the antagonists’ function as an castaway at their school and community. The Columbine shots were at the beginning of this new issue. In the wake of the shots.

there was a great trade of argument about what “provoked” the slayers and whether anything could hold been done to forestall the offense. The world of societal coteries in high schools was a frequent subject of treatment. Many argued that the boys’ isolation from the remainder of their schoolmates prompted a feelings of weakness. insecurity and depression. every bit good as a strong desire for attending ( Columbine High School Massacre.

2003 ) . Many clique clangs may even ensue in mundane force and bias. An extract from an article in a magazine states a specific instance that is undoubtedly common among high schoolers:The kineticss between coteries are frequently really natural. peculiarly for the groups at the extremes of the societal spectrum: athletes and castawaies. Even at the comparatively well-integrated Liberty High School in Bethlehem. Pa. .

it is non unheard of for the punks–who frequently sport black vesture. tattoos and spiky hair–to be taunted in the hallways. “They call ’em dirty. say material like ‘Why don’t you bathe? ‘” says a pupil.

Often it is the jocks who dish out the maltreatment. Haakon Espeland. 14. switched out of Brooklyn’s Fort Hamilton High. where he was one of the “freaks. ” The ground he fled: a watercourse of maltreatment.

get downing on his first twenty-four hours at school. when “all these immense people beat on me. fundamentally for being there ( A Curse of Cliques. 2001 ) .What many articles fail to reference are the positive attributes societal coteries bring to pupils. The close knit. family-like groups give a web of reliable friends to fall back on.

There is no worrying about whether or non they will understand your particular job because all the members are so similar it is about guaranteed that they have been through it at one clip or another. It besides helps form personality through role-playing. Most sociologists agree that it is really healthy and about necessary for striplings to take portion in activities that will prove who they really are. By test and mistake most adolescents find their ain individualism.

“Hanging with the right crowd makes you experience you are deserving something and are needed. ” says Lucas Ruiz. 17.

of Junction City. Kan. “If you are by yourself. it is difficult to associate to other people. You ne’er have person to confide in. and fundamentally that is what the societal group gives you.

”The socialisation in high school is about every bit of import as the formal instruction received in the schoolroom. It is obvious that there are both positive and negative results of societal coteries. including utmost depression a healthy feeling of credence at the opposite swing of the pendulum. Whether or non it has its dire attributes.

it is important and indispensable for growing of the child’s head. Social groups lend a perfect environment for the experimentation of new single personalities. of which one combination of the sum will remain with the stripling for the balance of their lives.


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