Some Sportsmen Are More Interested of Making Money Than Playing the Game Essay

Spectator athleticss is really popular everyplace in the universe. In Malaysia. the most popular one is football or association football.

Tennis and hoops are athleticss that have worldwide entreaty. Fans are willing to pay a batch of money to see high quality athleticss. Therefore. there has developed in the most popular athleticss a group of jocks known as professional sportswomans. They are paid for playing in a squad. Their payments are non negligible amounts.

Professional athleticss is a really large concern. and these sportswomans can demand really high wages depending on how good and how popular they are. The best professional sportswomans in the United States are reported to be paid wages that run into 1000000s of dollars. There has been unfavorable judgment that professional sportswomans are more interested in doing money than playing the game. I do non hold with this unfavorable judgment because of the very nature of their occupation. which is playing in a sporting squad.

To go a professional. you have to be the best endowment available. Sports is a game where you can non forge your ability. You must hold natural endowment and usually people who are extremely talented in their field love what they are making. A sportswoman has to hold passion and thrust for his athleticss. or else his deficiency of enthusiasm will demo in his public presentation.Besides.

professional athleticss is a public game. When the sportswoman does non execute good. his failure is seen by 1000s. even 1000000s of bowl and telecasting viewing audiences as in the instance of football and badminton in Malaysia. Everyone from the adult male in the street to the newspaper athleticss author will discourse his hapless public presentation.

Therefore. every clip a professional sportswoman does non demo involvement in playing the game. his calling is jeopardized.We must besides retrieve that professional sportswomans have a short calling as it is based on his physical strength and legerity. A sportsman hits his prime in his 20’s and by the clip he is about 35 old ages old.

his calling is over. While in their premier. many of them try to do as much money as they can. Some make extra money by looking in advertizements or advancing ware bearing their names. I do non believe there is anything incorrect with this. After all. their popularity and ability to do money this manner depend on their repute as a sportswomanDue to the demand for their endowment. professional sportswomans are extremely paid.

But the money they make is tightly linked to their ability to play the game. They can non afford to be more interested in doing money than in playing the game. If they slip in their public presentation as professional sportswomans. their calling will shortly be over.


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