Sour Cheese Sour Cheese is an offshoot mixture of Cheese and Diesel

Sour Cheese
Sour Cheese is an offshoot mixture of Cheese and Diesel. This strain hybrid is remarkably enjoyable and is highly recommended to both recreational along with medicinal users to promote positivism in our mood. It is said that it can be smoked at any time of the day and best used with friends with a touch of great music and good conversation.
Sour Cheese Effects and Attributes

Sour Cheese is highly recommended for social gathering as this strain’s aim is to bring people together and share good vibes. This strain will definitely boost one’s happiness. Sour Cheese can even make the most introvert person you know to socialize with the people around him. It also gives you the feeling of being motivated and inspire you to think new ideas. If you want to feel positive, this is the right choice for you. It is typically used on weekends for a more relaxing without the feeling of wanting to stay seated all day.
Sour Cheese Flavors

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From the name Sour Cheese, it has a unique fusion of blue cheese and sweetness that will leave you confuse as well as delighted. It also has a strong remark of diesel as it is one of the mixtures of this strain. It leaves your tongue with a note of diesel, sweetness and cheesy taste when exhaled.

What We Like About Sour Cheese

Sour Cheese can be used in both daytime and night time that influence users to be more cheerful. Cheerful enough to socialize and to bring up good conversation. People who use this tend to experience mental boost which they were able to think faster and be more creative with this strain. It is also liked for its smell and taste. It is also use in many ways, especially for those who suffered from chronic stress disorders and that is in need to feel more positive throughout the day.

What We Don’t Like About Sour Tsunami
Most people experience the dryness of mouth and eyes which are the usual effect for cannabis users. Some also claimed to experience a small feeling of giddiness or a slight headache when taking Sour Cheese.

Growing Sour Cheese Tips

Sour Cheese is somewhat easy to grow and most beginners choose this strain to cultivate. The reason is that, Sour Cheese is immune to common pests, molds, mildews, and diseases. When Sour Cheese is grown outdoors, we can harvest fresh bud per plant for about 25 ounces. When grown indoors, we can harvest an average of 21 ounces of bud per square meter planted. It will be around 8weeks for the strain to bloom and be ready for harvest.


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