SOURCE OF BRIBERY Bribery can be caused by lot of sources likes the size of the public sector

Bribery can be caused by lot of sources likes the size of the public sector. The power of government or public authorities making them the autonomy in making decision. Publics or any companies will tend to bribe these sectors in order to pass any actions they will get or to get what they want. Different with the private sector, they have nothing to lose so they do not open to the bribery.

Then, the quality of regulation can cause bribery. With strong and legit regulation, people will never open to bribery. People will be afraid to accept or offer bribe to other people. Next, economics competition opens the chances to bribery. When more competition, people tend to try bride other for their own goods. People try to bride the authorities or any important agency for the sake of their own goods and prevent their rivals from getting more from them.

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The most important cause is the policy of the government itself. Different government have different policy in bribery and corruption. One might open to them, but others might have strong opposition against bribery. Meanwhile, the culture of certain area effects the trend of bribery in that area. Some part of the world might feel that bribery is not wrong but the other part of the world feels bribery is a big crime to them. The trend of bribery in the community makes some people feels it is okay to bribe each other.

The effect or consequences of bribery is that there will be inequality in the structure of the community. Rich people will remain rich while poor people will continue be grind. There will occur double standard in managing their daily life. Those rich people will be entertained in good manner while the other will be entertain badly because rich people have already pay more to them.

Bribery also can give bad name to the country and its community. Others might have a bad perspective to the country with high record of corruption. International investors might have a deep think before take the initiative to invest in the country with high corruption record. This will then causing the country economics to have a problem.

Corruption causes low service delivery and higher cost. With corruption, seller or businessmen will tend to increase the price of product as commission as they have invested a lot in the process of bribery with dealer or government. These rise in price making people to suffer as they need to pay more. For services, bribery makes the services to be more expensive but with lower quality. (causes of bribery, all paragraph) (consequences of bribery, paragraph 3) 


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