Space shuttle stars on film in Reno … all year Essay

As realistic a look at space as most of us will ever get–that’show The Space Shuttle: An American Adventure has been described. Shotwith fish-eye lenses and projected onto a 360[deg.

] dome, it gives youthe impression you are aboard the shuttle yourself. This 30-minute film recently opened in two locations in the West:at the University of Arizona’s Flandrau Planetarium in Tucson andthe University of Nevada’s Fleischmann Planetarium at 1650 N.Virginia Street in Reno. Its remarkable color footage was shot on the 1984 missions ofChallenger and Columbia. Two cameras in the cargo bay recordedsatellite deployment and crew members doing repairs; inside, a thirdcamera watched as they floated weightless, working, eating, resting.Other footage documents shuttle development and testing.

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No need to hurry: the movie will be shown year-round on Mondays at7:30, Tuesdays through Fridays at 3 and 7:30, and weekends at 11, 3, and7:30. Its present cofeature is Stars of a Winter’s Night.Admission to the 50-seat planetarium is $3 ($2 for those under 12). On the first and third Fridays of the month at 6:30 P.M., you canjoin a star-gazing group outside the planetarium to look through an80-inch telescope; free.


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