Spain: An Overview Essay

Kendal Rodriguez Gait Saddle Trenton Ellis Spain is known as the country of romance and love.

It is also one of Romeos oldest possessions having acquired since 218 B. C. They really didn’t conquer it but only took it over. Today, there are cereal remains of Roman Empire statues, cravings and art. The government, languages, demographics, religions, and cultures were influenced by the Roman’s and continue to be today.

(http://www. Span. Leno/) In 218 BC, Romans defeat Cartage in Second Punic War and occupy Iberian Peninsula. The Second Punic War broke out in 218 when Hannibal took control of theGreek city and Roman ally, Sanctum (in Spain). Rome thought it would be easy to defeat Hannibal, but Hannibal was full of surprises, including his manner of entering the Italic peninsula from Spain. Then in 74 AD, inhabitants of Iberia are granted full Roman citizenship. In 1013, Powerful Caliphate of CORBA breaks up due to Internal strife; Moorish Spain split Into small feuding kingdoms.

Then In 1492 King Fernando and Queen Isabella army capture Granddad after a long siege, the final defeat of the Moors in Spain. Jews are forced to convert to Christianity; those who refuse are expelled from Spain.Christopher Columbus sets sail on his voyage of discovery. He found what is now known as America. Years and years later, the Americans and Spaniards fight in the Spanish American War. Spain lost Cuba and the Philippines. Then In 1936, The Spaniards win the Spanish Civil War and dictatorship was established. Forty years later.

Franco dies, Juan Carols De Born Is proclaimed king and Spain happily becomes a constitutional monarchy and democracy would bring membership to the European Community, as it is today. (http://www. Infeasible. Com/ pa/A0107987. HTML)As said before, Spain’s government is a Constitutional Monarchy.

The king is the chief of the state and legislative power resides in parliament, consisting of two champers: the Congress of Deputies and the Senate. Some political violence still continues mainly in the Basque region In the north, where some Basques seek total independence from Spain. The general language spoken In Spain is Spanish. That is considered their official language. English has become a major language there as well which is taught in schools as a standard. But there are places in the north such as the Basques,Gallants and the Catalane that speak their own language.

The mall religion In Spain Is Roman Catholicism but It Isn’t considered the official religion because those places in the north listed above, also have their own religions and cultures. Ninety four percent of the population is Roman Catholic and ninety seven percent speak Spanish, therefore if there were an official religion and language, it would be those two. The population of Spain is 46,754,784 and the growth rate is 0. 574%.

Spain is an urban society. 78% of Spaniards are living In urban areas, despite the phenomenon f dispersion around the major cities.The capital Is Madrid and has almost five Mediterranean and Nordic types. They practice generally the same things when it comes to cooking, farming, and religious practices.

(http://www. Infeasible. Com/pip/ 40107987.

HTML) The way people greet each other is different all around the world. Some places are over the top and others are quite similar to the U. S.

For example, in Spain a handshake is a normal greeting, and if the two are close friends then they’ll add a pat on the back or hug. Something common in Spain is women lightly embrace and touch weeks while kissing in the air.When addressing people the first names are appropriate among friends and young people only. Most people you meet should be addressed with a title and the surname. If they do not have a professional title they shall be addressed as the usual Mr.. , Mrs..

, and Miss. They majority of Spaniards have to surnames, one from the father and one from their mother. The father’s surname is more commonly used when addressing someone. However when a female marries she takes her husband’s surname and goes by that. While speaking to a Spaniard you just address them with one surname and on the other hand if you write them you must use both surnames.An example for this would be if you’re speaking to Carols Rodriguez Enameled, you would address him as Mr.

. Enameled, but if you’re writing to him, you would address the letter to Mr.. Carols Rodriguez Enameled. Gestures are very important in daily conversations but also vary region to region.

Therefore the key to doing the correct gesture is to be very observant when in an unfamiliar area. When trying to signal or summon another person, turn the palm own and wave fingers or the whole hand. Whenever trying to emphasize a point snapping the hand downward is used.One thing you should be aware of is the gestures we have and if they might be offensive or rude in other countries. For example the A-O. K. Gesture is rude to the people in Spain because that shows disrespect and laziness.

Dressing is significant to Spaniard. This goes along with their concern for projecting an impression of good social position. Choosing a well-made attire, name brands, and subdued colors will get you the right kind of attention. Men ores conservative and casual while women are expected to dress more stylish but shorts are not acceptable to be worn in public.Women who do wear shorts are looked at as a lower class and men who dress not as fancy are also looked at as a lower class.

Gift giving has always been a thoughtful thing to do, but have you ever thought of it as being rude or even offensive in other countries? In Spain, when receiving a gift How must open it immediately, if ever giving flowers stay away from the number thirteen, it is considered as bad luck. In the professional world, giving gifts is portent, no gifts should give on the first business meeting. Local crafts or illustrated books from your region are appropriate; university or sports teams and zaps are great for young people.While you should be on time for business appointments, Spaniards are not always punctual.

Be prepared to wait. Social events rarely begin at the scheduled time. Always makes appointments well in advanced and conform them be letter before your Government’s offices are usually open to the public from 9:00 am to 1 pm. , Monday through Friday. Business can be conducted over meals but Spaniards go mom for lunch, so do not be surprised if your invitation is politely declined. Negotiating in Spain is relatively the same as the U.

S. Personal contacts are essential for business success in Spain.Select your Spanish representatives with great care, it is very difficult to switch to another person. Be warm and personal during your negotiations, yet retain your dignity, courtesy and diplomacy. Your Spanish counterparts may initially seem restrained and indirect, but this is until your relationship has been established.

Have business cards printed up in Spain, with English on one side and Spanish on the other. Present your card with the Spanish side face your Spanish colleague. Expect protracted negotiations and do not expect to discuss at the start of any meeting.Business entertaining is a fun environment in Spain. Always invite Spanish clients to excellent restaurants, since many Spaniards are very knowledgeable about gourmet food and vintage wines. Dinner is not served until 9:00 or 10:00 p. M.

If an invitation to a Spanish home is offered, you may decline at first and accept it only En pressed; first invitations are often only for politeness. If your prospect accepts {Our invitation to lunch, this can be a good time to discuss business. However do not bring up business matters until coffee is served following the meal. Http:// NNW. Guardian.

Co. UK/world/Spain) Our business introduced to Spain would be named Medical Equipment of the United States or M. E.

U. S. This in Spanish would be Equipment Medico De Los Estates Units. The location would be on 65 Called De Flora, Barcelona, Spain.

Our products would be medical equipment such as ultrasound and MR. machines, PET and CT scanners, and x-ray machines, infusion pumps, medical lasers and ALIAS auricular machines, medical ventilators, anesthetic machines, heart-lung machines, ECMA, and dialysis machines.The reason for this business is because Spain’s imports of medical equipment are huge. It’s the second largest import in the country but it’s quickly declining. Therefore a sales business like M.

E. U. S. Would thrive. With it also being on the same street as the largest hospital in Spain, doctors and patients would notice it. (http:// The strategy M. E.

U. S. Would use to go international would be promoting our company in Spain and the U. S.

We would be advertising in newspapers, billboards, Spanish television and U.S. Television. We would also ask the Spaniards to promote our product in their own way that they believe would grab their country’s attention.

Irish will work best for the company because Spaniards know it’s country and what attracts it. Also because promoting in two different countries is a good way to spread the word. The product we chose to sell was Gray machines.

The changes that will have to be made on the product and it’s packaging is the language. The acronym would be changed from M. E. U. S. To E. M.

E. U.Everything that’s printed in English such as the name, instructions, mailing address and labels must be printed in Spanish.

The price for the average Gray machine is 125 thousand dollars which is converted to 96 n Spain you are not allowed to advertise on the sides of roads. Our companies advertising strategies will only have to change by where we place our advertising billboards, signs and tag lines. As said before, it isn’t allowed to advertise on sides of roads because it can cause distraction from the road. You’re also not allowed to put signs in neighborhoods, that is considered disrespectful.


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