Speaking and Listening Speech Essay

Hello I’m here to talk to you about the creator and man behind these characters. Mike Myers. He is in my opinion a genius writer and an outstanding actor. To show he is extremely talented.

Mr Myers has won many awards such as four American Comedy Awards for the Austin powers series and he has won seven MTV Movie Awards (Plus countless others). Mike has had huge success in the UK and American. Moreover, he is worth millions dollars.

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But he had to start somewhere.Slide 2Here is where he started. Mike was Born on May 25, 1963, in Toronto, Canada. Myers grew up in the town of Scarborough, outside of Toronto, with his parents and two brothers. His father, an Encyclopaedia Britannica salesman, introduced his children early to the Monty Python and James Bond movies that would inspire Myers’s weirdly brilliant comic style.

Michael Myers began acting in commercials at the age of eight and appeared in ads for Datsun, Pepsi, Kmart, and Apple Jacks. After many years of commercials and school work, Mike auditioned for the Second City Comedy Troupe. He was accepted and Myers performed with the group in Toronto and Chicago. In 1989, producer Lorne Michaels hired him as an actor and writer for Saturday Night Live, His first feature length film. This was closely followed by these next two films.Slide 3Austin Powers was the best part of mike’s career so far. This series of movies was launched in 1997.

Titled Austin Powers: International man of mystery, Featuring Mike Myers as Austin Powers and Dr Evil, Elizabeth Hurley as Vanessa Kensington and probably the most random character Random Task the Korean guy that throws a shoe. This movie was not the funniest of the trilogy but was very hard to beat, than came number 2 the Spy who shagged me. It topped the box office and is a hilarious film including new characters such as Fat bastard and Felicity Shagswell.More randomly, funny scenes like the jerry spinger fight and a plot no one can follow.

Finally, Gold Member, the final movie in the great trilogy, exceeded all expectations, With Beyonce Knowles as Foxy Cleopatra and Goldmember (Mike Myers again). The film took 213 million on opening weekend. Furthermore, many other famous people like ozzy Osborne, Britney spears and Danny Divito all appeared in this film. In conclusion I think the second one was the funniest and the best characters are random task, mini-me and fat bastard.

All in all an incredibly comic set of movies but they will still entertain any audience. Just like his next series of films.Slide 4Shrek, everyone loves a good Shrek movie. They are hilarious, witty, and just enjoyed by all viewers. Mike Myers stars as Shrek the ogre that is hated by all humanity but finds his true love “Fiona” who secretly is an ogre herself. Other stars like Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz and later on in the series these actors are joined by Antonio Banderas. Form the all star cast of Shrek.

Moreover, this movie is directed by Andrew Adamson who is creating the next in the set. “Shrek goes Fourth” hitting the cinemas in 2010. Finally, Mike has done his jobs as a comedian/actor by entertaining us in a way no other man can and he deserves his many shelves of awards.


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