Speaking of a classmate, I want to talk about sarah, she is my flat mate as well Essay

She is a real knockout. And she definitely has this package: sweet, smart, cute, confident, thoughtful, vivacious, humorous and always a straight A student. She is 21 years old, but definitely looks much younger than she actually is, just looks like a little princess. Except a little overweigh, she could be perfect all the rest. Well, unlike other girls in our university who just like shopping, watching TV, hanging out with stranger in bar or sitting in front of the computer all day long like a couch potato, sarah’s life is absolutely diversified and colorful.

She is good at climbing, enjoying the peppery cuisine, singing Karaoke and she is a big fan of Board Game as well as I do, killers of three kingdoms always be her favorite board game which is invented by Chinese and be very similar with Magic the Gathering. It is university known that, bad things happen in life, sometimes we will encounter some difficulties in learning, sometimes we feel the frustration in interpersonal communication and even be confused to our life and future. These things always make me upset extremely.

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Taking to sarah would definitely be my first choice when I feel unhappy.Actually, we did it just now, before I start to write my essay, after I told her something about my bad luck today, she said,” well , this is exactly what is happening everywhere every day. The only thing you could do is to be who you are, say what you want and do what you should. Anyway, those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter, Simple life would be the best life. ” Seriously, I learned many from these words and I felt much better after talking to her, I think this is what a real friend is for: being able to give me the most sincere words whenever I am in need.


I'm Sarah!

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