Special Education and Information Essay

Explain why working In partnership with others Is Important for children and young people It is important to work in partnership with others because all agencies can share information and concerns to create a holistic view about children and young people In their care when any need arises, to help to keep the children safe from harm and promote their welfare. To diagnose a special need quickly in children and get the help that is needed to the child/family as soon as possible without confusing the child or their families.And as a pre-school setting it Is good to know that you are not on your win if any concerns should arise about a child In the setting and that specialist help is available to all the children and young people if required, Identify who relevant partners would be in your own work setting In are pre-school setting the relevant partners are as follows Child and adolescent mental health services (camas) Health visitors Gaps and GAP nurses Social Services and or social worker Police Educational psychologist Teachers Early years worker Speech and language therapist Birth to five Offset Parents Special educational needs coordinator (Se.

. C. O) Define the characteristics to effective partnership working Partnership can be formed between a number of organizations, Agencies or individuals with a shared interest. Most partnerships have a common reason for working together. They are often formed to target specific short; or long term Issues.

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The characteristics of effective partnership working are as follows, Involve agencies working together for mutual benefit Have an aim that is agreed and understood by all the partners Put the child and their family at the centre of the partnership Have clear, effective leadership.A practitioner needs to be Clear about his/her role * Aware of the roles of other professionals ‘Offs * Respectful of the standards and targets that apply to other services * Respectful of contribution of others working with children, young people and families Identify barriers to effective communication Speaking a different language : When someone speaks a different language or uses sign language, they may not be able to understand what the other person is trying to say.Sensory barriers: When someone cannot receive or pass on information because they have a impairment to one or more of their senses, the most common is hearing or eyeing. Emotional difficulties: Many of us have emotional difficulties at times and become very upset.

For example you hay have an argument with a member of your family or you may have had some bad news. This can affect communication by not being able to focus properly and can lead to misunderstandings and mistakes.Health issues: When you are feeling ill, you may not be able to communicate as effectively as when you are feeling well. This can affect service users and other members of staff. Some long-term illnesses such as Parkinson disease, Multiple Sclerosis or Denture also affect an individual’s ability to communicate and you need to be aware of this if you are working with these people in the community. There are a number of factors to consider, One is the tone of your voice does it suit the situation? With a quiet tone your elderly service user may not hear everything you are saying.

If your using a loud tone the service might think you are stereotyping by thinking all elderly adults are hard of hearing. The speed of the way you talk is also very important if you talk to fast your service user may not understand. You also have your Non-verbal communication which for example would be face or hand gestures this also has to suit the situation and the service user. Eye contact is also very important factor as this engages the service user, keeping them focused on what you are talking about.

By making eye contact you are directing your conversation to your service user , showing them that you are devoting your time and are not able to be distracted describe why clear and effective communication between partners is required It is important that both sides communicate effectively to make sure that information ill be shared in a clear way understood by everyone in order to achieve the same best possible solution and with the attention to the particular child.In order to communicate properly people have to discuss all the options so everyone’s opinion is considered and value, show respect and listen to each other, build a bond so the trust between each other is developed, show knowledge of the child so that the best the choice can be made.When exchanging information with other professionals the practitioner should make eye contact , speak loudly and clearly, understand that there may have a different opinions so respect that and adapt the way of speaking to the person that you talking to(maybe has hearing difficulties, speech difficulties or English is a second language) There are many examples why the communication needs to be established in order to help the child, support and meet their needs.For example: Child is autistic; child needs a specialist who help him in his learning development and a adviser who will support him, both need to communicate together to meet all his needs and share information about the child to support him and his development n best possible way. Identify policies and procedures in the work setting for information sharing.

Every setting should have policies that encourage effective and clear communication when sharing information.Policies and procedures should include policies relating to multi-agency working, managing transition from one setting to another and ensuring continuity of care between settings and career. All policies should be available to those who need to know basis and they may be shared with colleagues, parents, career and other settings as well as with other agencies and services.

The main point s: The staffs at the work setting needs to be aware that they cannot keep secrets with a child. When you record your information about the child write it exactly how they said and not what you think.You can share the information with manager, head care worker, or head teacher. Well Being: Adult and child need to be safe and for whatever reason keep your information secret. The wrong person could receive the information and put the adult and child’s safety at risk. Every matter relating to safe guarding is confidential. The staffs at the work settings need to know that they have professional accessibility to share information with other agencies in order to safe guard children.

The head of the centre or the designated member of staff will disclose any information about child to other member of staff on a need to know basis only.All the staff at the work setting aim to ensure that all the parents and career can share their information with confidence that will be used to enhance the welfare of their children the parents have access if it’s required . Personal records ( name, address ,admissions form) are also confidential . Welfare requirement (medical condition) are confidential and don not share it with others parents. Accident records/ incidents reports: You have to keep records of every accident and incident.

Explain Where There May Be Conflicts or Dilemmas in Relation to Sharing Information with Partners and Maintaining Confidentiality There could be a situation where a unsure assistant is talking to a parent in the playground where other parents can hear. The preschool assistant failed to protect child’s and parent’s privacy. The preschool assistant should had invited the parent to a meeting where she should had issued the matter privately. If the preschool assistant after his/her observations over longer time comes to conclusion that it will be in child’s best interest to seek professional advice she/he should report it to her/his manager.The preschool can seek consent from a person with parental responsibility to sharing information with other organization. If carefully recorded observations on the child will show that there are repeated physical signs of abuse marks on arms or face or body (map must be created for future reference) it must be reported to manager. The consent from the person in parental responsibility is not required if there is suspicion it may place the child at greater risk.

Any information passed on a child must be recorded for future references.Any information passed on a child that may be concern must be discussed with Leading personal/Manager. Describe Why Is Important to Record Information Clearly , Accurately, Legibly and Concisely Meeting Legal Requirements Practitioners must make sure they record information clearly, accurately and up to not be kept for longer than necessarily and always stored in a secure place. Every eating should have policies and procedures about how to record and store information which meet Offset requirements and are according with the government law Data Protection Act 1998.The policies should include information about different ways when comes to record information such observations, risk assessment, incidents, medical information about the child or special diet requirements, concerns or information about the child progress, record of any meetings or conversations with the parents and other professionals. Keeping records of every work it’s an essential part of a Job when working with hillier.

When recording information practitioner must: – consult with the manager if he is unsure. – check any spelling errors. – when using a computer , store them in a place where nobody else have access to. Keep the information clear, short and as accurate as possible so the other member can carry on if the key person is absent.

– avoid using children’s names and pictures to maintain confidentiality. – when writing in observation sheet the record must show that the child’s needs has been met and identified. – in case of any concerns about the child practitioner must contact the manager first before making any notes – some information needs to be recorded in a specific format or using specific templates according to Common Assessment Framework. Information which are stored on the computer must have the encryption software which design to encrypt computer data in a way that it cannot be recovered without access to the key.

It is important to keep the record information clearly so everyone who will ever need to have an access to them will not struggle to understand them or read them. Identify how communications and records are recorded and securely stored meeting data protection requirements.


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