Speeches: Barack Obama and Martin Luther King Essay

The two addresss by Martin Luther King and Barrack Obama are similar in the manner that they both negotiations about human rights. and they both have a dream that people in America can be free and equal treated. Both of them managed people who were of import for them in the address.

like their household. Both of them want to see a alteration in the American society. They have a adage they use.The two addresss are different in the manner that Martin Luther King negotiations about the black people rights and Obama Barack negotiations about the war in Afghanistan. the planetary heating and the fiscal crisis. The alteration they want to see in the American society is different.Martin Luther wants to see black and white people together as one.

Obama wants to see all people believe in good things. handle each other in a good manner. and believe that dreams can come true. The Proverbs they use are different. Martin Luther King uses “I have a dream” as a adage in his address. while Barack Obama uses “ Yes we can” as a adage in his address.In the clip passed between the two addresss many things have alterations.

After Luther King’s address in 1963. black and white people got the same rights. They started to be together as one state. Black and white’s started to acquire the same occupations. travel to same schools and sit the same coachs. with same rights. All white people were non every bit happy as other.In 1968 white people changeable Martin Luther King.

when he was standing at his patio. After Obama’s address in 2008 we can see that the American people have been making good after the fiscal crisis. even though it was a truly difficult clip for many people. since many lost their occupations and a batch of money. The fiscal crisis could hold been worse. It could hold been a truly large job for the remainder of the universe.I don’t truly cognize how it is with the American’s wellness these yearss.

but in American media they talk a batch about a healthy diet. The planetary heating is still a large subject these yearss. and they talk a batch about it in media.

I hope the American will hold adequate sense to make something about it.


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