Sportsmen: Real Champions of Life Essay

Sports have been a part of the culture of every country in the world. From the earliest times, every civilization had one sport or the other that caught its fancy. It continues even today, when sportsmen are treated like gods.

Well, the idea that all the sportsmen and sportswomen are given undue importance is not agreeable. We never think of the kind of pressure the sportsperson undergoes to win an event. These sportspersons should be encouraged in all ways to do better in their next event and beyond.Sports are an important form of revenue in many countries. The income from events like Olympics or World cup football is huge. Consider for example, the 2008 Beijing Olympics which generated 2 billion dollars in direct revenue.

This income can be utilized to step up the development.Along with the growth and expansion of sports, sports related industry itself is booming. The companies selling sports items are springing up everywhere. The sports merchandises like jerseys, t-shirts and other items get sold at an unbelievably fast rate making its share into the revenue of concerned countries.There are many countries who find their pride in their achievements in sports. For them, the winning sportsman or sportswoman brings home international honor also, along with whole lot of money. For example a country like Ethiopia has nothing to claim as far as development goes, but it has earned its place in sporting annals through the heroics of its long distance athletes; giving their countrymen something to rejoice among all the pain that they suffer.

Let us make sure that all those sportspersons who deserve to be respected and recognized get their due.ReferencesBeijing Olympics to generate two billion dollars in direct revenue. (2008) Retrieved 14 June    2009 from Thaindian News Website:


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