Statement of Purpose Essay

I am highly interested and motivated to continue my master studies in telecommunication majoring in networking in your institution. During the years in my bachelor degree, I loved all the networking subjects and I scored excellent in those subject. I am about to finish my CCNA and I am planning to do CCNP and CCIE in the future since I have a strong desire in the networking field. The years spent pursuing my undergraduate studies were the most pivotal period of my life and significantly shaped my career path.The rigorous curriculum at Multimedia University exposed me to a wide range of subjects, including mathematics, computer organization, embedded systems, communication networks, mobile and satellite, analog and digital communication and radar design systems. I also learned to apply theoretical concepts to practical problems and develop concrete solutions. An example is developing a radar simulator based on the theory learnt.

. All of these areas represent fruitful opportunities for future research and prompted me to choose telecommunication Sciences as my major.My future career goal is to join a dedicated research team at a leading university where I can earn credibility, not just credentials. I aim to be a pioneer in developing new network technologies that will benefit society. I applied to King Fahd University because of your excellent faculty staff, a reputation for close student professor interaction, impressive research facilities and rigorous curriculum. I hope your admissions committee will look favorably on my application.

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I am a disciplined student and team player who is passionate about the field and has the will to succeed, excel and make King Fahd University proud.


I'm Sarah!

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